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Raptorrrethy Sun 10-Aug-14 15:50:18

Does anyone know lyon? In particular the environs, surrounding villages, nice areas. Must be within 40 mins of the airport. thanks

butterfliesinmytummy Sun 10-Aug-14 18:25:45

No ideas about living there with family but I was there for 6 months when I was a 20 year old student, lived in the croix rousse area and worked in part dieu near the station, absolutely adored the place. Fabulous food, driving distance to skiing and beach for weekends, would love to go back. Hope you get some more informative answers though smile

Raptorrrethy Mon 11-Aug-14 08:43:12

Thank you smile
I don't think there are any mnetters in's weird...I started a thread asking about a school and got no replies. Perhaps I'll be the first if we move there grin

castlesintheair Sat 16-Aug-14 19:20:40

I think there is someone or used to be as she gave me some advice about schools. I'll see if I can remember/find her MN name.

Lyon is on my list of places to move to too so there could potentially be 2 of us at least!

aoife24 Sun 17-Aug-14 18:39:33

I've visited a few times and love it. Lucky you if you're moving there.

pinkhousesarebest Wed 20-Aug-14 10:55:37

I live in Lyon. There is a huge Anglophone population here- they must all be on holiday!

A lot of international families choose to live in the leafy environs of the Monts D'Or (Collonges, St Cyr and especially St Didier). Buses run to the Cité Scolaire Internationale (Gerland) and to Ombrosa Bilingual school. Fontaines sur Saone and Fontaines St Martin are also popular (along the Saone). Gerland and St Foy lès Lyon are ideally placed if you want easy access to schools (The International School of Lyon is at St Foy).

In town the 6th is favoured because of its proximity to the Parc de la Tete d'Or, but it is a bit staid and very, very expensive. The Croix Rousse is young and trendy (but impossible to park in).

Lyon is lively, vibrant city, and the restaurant trade is a real moneyspinner. You can escape to the countryside within minutes, unlike Paris. Weekend skiing is a given but you can be on the beach for lunch if you put your mind to it. Air pollution can be a problem as the motorway passes right through the city, and the summers can be hot (not this one) and the winters cold. But by and large it is a cool place to bring up dcs.

castlesintheair Thu 21-Aug-14 17:54:28

pinkhousesarebest, do you have any views on the schools particularly ISL and the other 2 bilingual ones? I'm also considering a move there. Thanks! I like your name btw: I live in a pink house smile

pinkhousesarebest Sat 23-Aug-14 19:51:30

Ha Castles ours is looking decidedly drab in this dull weather.

Our dcs are in the French system, but I have friends who have experience of a range of the Lyon schools. ISL is very small and has essentially a transient international community. It does the IB as does Ombrosa Bilingual school. Both have whopping fees:

Cité Scolaire International is a bit like the American school in St Germain en Laye in that it offers sections for different languages, though the British one is fee paying (the others are not!). It is very hard to get into unless you are fresh off the boat and you won't know if your child has a place until the end of August which makes planning a bit tricky. International parents like it but it is essentially a state school and might lack some of the rigueur found in a regular, private French private school of which there are some fine examples here.

Hopefully someone will come along with more direct experience than mine once the rentrée gets underway.

Raptorrrethy Sun 24-Aug-14 11:41:03

Hello pinkhouses good to hear from someone in Lyon!

We are going to visit all three schools in a couple of weeks so I shall report back. Our DCs have been in the French system for three years but, if we move to Lyon, we want something more bilingual/international for them.

Raptorrrethy Sun 24-Aug-14 12:31:47

Also, we want to live in the countryside just outside Lyon if possible! Do you know any nice areas/areas to avoid?

hattymattie Fri 29-Aug-14 08:09:08

Hi there is a medieval town called Cremieu within commuting distance from Lyon and near to the airport. I think it may be a bit of a slog to do it every morning though.

hollypocks Tue 16-Sep-14 20:32:23

We live in Lyon - in the 6th actually - and have 3 children at Ombrosa having moved from the UK a few years ago. Really happy with the school and ethos, found CSI appalling (looked like a prison, awful entrance procedures and often on strike!) and ISL does not turn out bilingual children, much more suited to expats staying for a couple of years and wanting their children to remain in US system. Don't think Ombrosa is unreasonable at all at 400 euros a month per child plus meals. In terms of areas I can't help much as am very much a townie due to work commitments, love the 6eme though!
Good luck

Raptorrrethy Tue 16-Sep-14 21:18:44

Hi hollypocks,
How interesting that you posted today - we are just back home after visiting Lyon again and all three schools and we loved Ombrosa! If our plans go well I will be in touch smile

hollypocks Sat 20-Sep-14 19:16:31

Oh do! I really am a fan of the school, much better than the alternatives here IMO! Good luck

MyDogIsGorgeous Sat 15-Aug-15 10:46:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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