Non English speaking ayi

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ShanghaiDiva Sat 09-Aug-14 09:54:28

Great news!

Alligatorpie Sat 09-Aug-14 08:59:00

Thanks...we did it. Dh did an amazing job of communicating, so we have her starting for a trial month on Monday.
So far, Shanghai has been great, I think we are going to like it here!

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ShanghaiDiva Sat 09-Aug-14 03:54:06

Welcome to the Middle Kingdom!
I don't know anyone who has an ayi that speaks English, so I don't think you're mad. With my ayi I had a contract drawn up in english and mandarin detailing all the key issues ( rate of pay, working hours, notice period etc) to ensure there were no misunderstandings. I speak reasonable mandarin and together we can talk about her changing days, or coming later, going earlier etc and if there any more complicated issues I ask my mandarin teacher to translate.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 09-Aug-14 02:52:51

I'm so jealous. I'm in boring Canada! I say go for it. If DH speaks passable Mandarin, he can deal with any issues that come up and you will get to practice. Great.

Laptopwieldingharpy Sat 09-Aug-14 02:49:28

And welcome to these parts!

Laptopwieldingharpy Sat 09-Aug-14 02:48:41

Fab opportunity to learn the language for all of you!
No such thing in HK & Singapore where everyone speaks english.
Go for it!

Alligatorpie Fri 08-Aug-14 21:14:19

We moved to Shanghai a few days ago and are trying to find a nanny but are struggling. We are meeting someone today who comes very highly recommended, but cannot speak English.
Dd2 ( who in 2 and will spend the most time with her) will be going to a fully bilingual preschool, so I don't see her having too much of a problem). Dd1 will get one hour of mandarin a day, but will be at school most of the time, so won't spend too much time with her ( unless she is sick, or has a day off school). When the dds are at school, she will clean, do laundry, iron, shop for groceries and do some cooking.
Dh can speak ok mandarian and loves to study languages. I can get around in a taxi and shop in a market and that is it.
Are we crazy to even consider hiring her? I think it will either be wonderful and we will all be forced to learn, plus with all the translation apps, we can get our point across. Or it could be hell.
Would you do it? Thanks.

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