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Spain-Maternity leave

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annaspanner Tue 12-Sep-06 09:26:39

I'm claiming dole at the moment but will be back at work next week(I'm a teacher) and then will hopefully start maternity leave 2 months or so after that. I've asked for information on maternity leave at the dole office but everyone I talk to seems to give me a different answer. Has anyone got any experience of claiming the maternity benefit in Spain? I know you get 100% of what you were paid in your last job but does the quantity depend on your last 2 or last 6 payslips?(very different quantities in my case) Who do I tell when I'm ready to start claiming? my boss, the social security or the unemployment office? If anyone has any advice, I'd be really grateful!

chicca Sat 16-Sep-06 14:24:21

Not maternity leave but I am about to tackle child benefit in the next couple of weeks. Will let you knowabout that one when it happens. Hope that the bump draws some answers from more senior Spanish mumsnetters!

annaspanner Mon 18-Sep-06 22:34:41

Thanks Chicca!
The lawyer/gestor for where I work has said she will sort it all out and that the quantity depends on your last payslip only, so nothing like the dole. I'd be really interested to find out anything on child benefit too. The only people I know who have been earning legally here for a while are based in Barcelona, and it all seems quite different up there. I've been told it's around 100euros a month per child but have also heard about a lump sum up front. Whatever you find out, please pass it on!

lucy5 Tue 19-Sep-06 08:17:06

Sounds interesting, didn't realise that child benefit existed. My last job was self employed, so i don't know about maternity leave either. not much help, am I?

Anna i'm a teacher too, maybe we know some of the same people. Sorry i haven't got round to texting you yet.

annaspanner Thu 21-Sep-06 09:44:05

It seems to be 100 euros for up to three years. I have just remembered one friend down here who told me she got it-she was paying social security but I'm sure it would be the same for European residents who haven't worked here(officially). I'll try to get the details.

Lucy-no problem! Whenever you can. I've been busy too-summer guests, getting ready to go back to work and other stuff. But it would be nice to meet for a drink in Estepona when you are free. I live in the old town, near the church.

lucy5 Fri 22-Sep-06 13:38:51

Nice one, I will text you next week

maveta Thu 09-Nov-06 15:44:33

I know this is an old conversation but it really piqued my interest. I have already found out about my maternity entitlements but is there child benefit here?? Did you find out any further information?

I'm living in Mallorca, any advice would be great.

FiveLittlePeas Sat 20-Dec-14 07:26:16

No child benefit in Spain if you dont work in Spain. If you do, it's only until your child is 3, 100 e a month or 1200 per year (with your tax declaration).
I know the thread is old, but this has not changed.
And maternity leave is just 16 weeks.

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