What can you do in Sydney/NSW with a 2 yo in the heat of summer?

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LokiTheCynicalCat Tue 01-Jul-14 12:34:14

We are taking 2-and-a-bit weeks to go to Oz in December, first 10 days in NSW. Planning to stay in Sydney for the first weekend and then head up the coast or Blue Mountains a bit for a few days before we head to South Australia (the Adelaide bit is sorted, we will be staying with friends who also have a toddler so it will probably be quite relaxing). We will be seeing friends and family for some of the trip, or else I'd happily have left it a few years!

NSW looks full of lovely things to do as an adult but not with a toddler in tow - we were told to try the Hunter Valley but the winery guesthouses, lovely ranch style places, don't seem suitable for children. We will probably stay in a serviced apartment in central Sydney as my brother is based in Darling Harbour, but while he is working during the week it would be nice to find somewhere within 2 hours' drive of the city with a good pool, child-friendly facilities and a decent restaurant/bar on-site - am I asking too much?! Most hotel rooms outside of the city seem to be self-catering family rooms, is that the Aussie way? And is somewhere to BBQ a super important feature of the room as the hotels/resorts seem to always mention it?

Are there soft play places in Sydney itself or things to do with small children? Taronga Zoo we are definitely going to, but I'm worried it will be 40C in December and we are going to suffer dragging a wee ginger toddler round in the heat.

Can any MNers who live locally or know the area recommend somewhere to look at? I don't even know the names of the neighbourhoods to look at, and I am swamped.

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Ninehoursahead Tue 01-Jul-14 13:15:10

I don't know too much about hotels, but have generally noticed that accommodation is mainly SC and hotels seem to be less family friendly. A lot of campsites have cabins which can be lot nicer than they sound!
I live on the Northern Beaches, so can recommend it! There are a couple of soft play places: Lollipops and Wannabees are both in Frenchs Forest, and you could combine with a beach visit to one of the great beaches.
Darling Harbour has an amazing aquarium, and also a place called Wildlife Workd which you can get joint tickets for.
Thinking of within 2 hours of Sydney: to the south Kiama is a lovely place for a visit. Also to the north, The Central Coast is beautiful.
Hope this helps!

Backofbourke Tue 01-Jul-14 20:24:48

-spend a quiet day on the beach at Neilson Park.This is a harbour beach so no surf. Just one little cafe with fish and chips, coffee and ice cream. A nice shaded are at the back of the beach plus good toilets and showers. One of our favourites.
-Other child friendly Sydney beaches include bronte and Clovelly. Bondi has too much surf for a toddler to enjoy it.
-catch the ferry to Manly and if not too hot walk around to Shelly beach which is great for kids an is a beautiful walk.
-Drive up the Central coast watch pelican feeding at the entrance(google to get times) The and drive around to some of the other beaches such as Avoca.
-check if you will be there for events such as carols in the domain a great family night out.
-there is a great wildlife park in western sydney called feather dale where you can touch the animals my kids always love it there . Much nicer than taronga zoo. But can be hot out west so maybe not on a very hot day. You could make it a morning stop off on the way to the blue mountains.
-Hunter Valley gardens is beautiful and has a great walk for kids if you go up there for a couple of days would be a break from the wineries for your little one. Could combine this with trip to the Entrance.
-have brunch at The Grounds in Alexandria . really good food and coffee and big enough for a toddler not to be noticed. Often lots of kids there anyway.
-Catch the ferry from darling harbour to darling st in Balmain then catch the bus down into the shopping area. get some yummy pies and the best Macaroons ever from Adrianno Zumbo and add a coffee from the Little Marrionette and sit in the park and have a picnic and let your dc play on the equipment.
-agree with aquarium and wildlife park and trip to Kiama and southern highlands .
-if you need to do some food shopping and you are staying in the city go to Coles supermarket in broadway shopping centre which is really good for an Australian supermarket.
Can't help with hotels etc as We lived there for years and have family there. sydney is my family's soul city and even going back yearly we miss it heaps. you will have a wonderful time.

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