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NannyLouise29 Tue 17-Jun-14 21:58:18

Hi all,

I'm a nanny, and the family I work for are moving to from the UK to Ibiza in the next few months (after the summer). They have invited me to come with them and continue my employment with them in the sun!

I have lived abroad before and really enjoyed it, but I know nothing about Ibiza and don't want my enthusiasm to cloud my judgement. I'll be flying back to the UK about twice a month.

My nanny family will be living in the North of the island, and I will need to find my own independent accommodation. We are still negotiating terms as far as working hours and extra pay go, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice? How much is rent typically? Is Ibiza expensive? Will I need a car? Is it useful to learn Spanish or will I get by using just English? Any answers will help me work out how much extra to ask for as a salary as I still have to maintain a home in the UK.

Any comments or insight would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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stepmama84 Wed 18-Jun-14 15:30:05

Hi NannyLouise,

Are the family not offering you a place to stay? It sounds unusual for them to expect you to find your own accommodation abroad?
My advice would be to essentially become a live in nanny, then they have all the complicated fees, paperwork etc. I know renting in Spain is a dodgy business and they definitely do not follow the same rules or have the same protection for tenants or landlords as they do here.
That way you can have your salary as your own cash especially if you have to maintain a home in the uk.
I would be surprised if they will give you enough salary to maintain two homes, flights twice a month, food money, running a car, spending money etc. If they are you have an amazing family!

I haven't been to Ibiza so can't answer any of those questions.

It sounds like an amazing opportunity, but the family have to have realistic expectations of what they want from you and what is involved for you to go out there and still be their nanny.

I hope this helpssmile

NannyLouise29 Wed 18-Jun-14 17:02:03

Thanks for your response. They are a pretty incredible family to be honest, and my salary is extremely generous already. Not your average nanny job let me assure you. If I came to them with a figure in mind they would happily consider it.

I'm just trying to get to that figure and it's proving difficult!

Live in is not an option (but you're right, it would be far and above my preferred choice), and I'm a little daunted by renting in Spain.

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