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Moving to Singapore

(5 Posts)
Kate0105 Wed 04-Jun-14 16:19:57

Hi there, we have just been informed we are moving to Singapore at the beginning of September. I have been looking for schoosl for my 4 yo son and been offered places at ISS, Dover Court, Singapore American School, Chatsworth. Any insights/recommendations? thx for help

butterfliesinmytummy Wed 04-Jun-14 20:23:37

We moved from singapore to texas last summer after spending 5 years there. My eldest dd spent 5 years at Dover from nursery to year 3 and my youngest did 1 year in nursery. We love the school. It's not glossy and it's not what I would pick for a teenager as there are schools with amazing facilities that older kids would benefit from. However, I don't think little ones need climbing walls and kayaking pools and trips to Everest base camp.

Dover is very nurturing and teaches great respect and acceptance. It's a smaller school and my 2 absolutely loved it. Communication wasn't great when we left ( we knew everything that was going on but wished it was done by email rather than notes in school bags). Still have friends with kids there who love it too.

I've heard good things about the other schools you mention ... And you might want to post on the Facebook group "singapore expat wives" who re sure to give you plenty of opinions wink

Kate0105 Wed 04-Jun-14 21:03:08

Thanks for your comments, really appreciated. I read somewhere that it is very strong on special needs and less on mainstream....is that due to the fact they have a solid special need dept?

butterfliesinmytummy Wed 04-Jun-14 21:28:36

Yes they do have some of the best sn support in schools in singapore. My dd saw the speech therapist for a while, they also have an in house educational psychologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and great learning support, all from the uk or Australia as far as I know. There is a number of kids with downs and visually / hearing impaired. All kids are integrated as much as possible and all singing in assemblies is accompanied by sign language, which everyone learns (never failed to make me cry!). There is a pool on site and everyone swims every week of the year (the only school to do this). I used to help out with swimming lessons and all the kids regardless of sn swim together. I do like the fact that my dds are aware that not everyone is the same, but everyone can be a good friend.

The headmistress was given an award in the queens new year nominations this year (her name is dr roach, google her, doctor in psychology, amazing woman)

butterfliesinmytummy Wed 04-Jun-14 21:48:15

Meant to say there is plenty of focus on mainstream too. Dd1 is year 4 and dd2 in reception in a British school in the USA and have just slotted in well. Dd1 is in the top set for english and maths here and dd2 spot on with reading and numeracy so Dover court must be doing something right. I think we would have moved them aged 11 or 12 to take advantage of glossy facilities at other schools but international schools in Singapore see such transient students who normally spend 2-3 years at their school before relocating that moving is pretty easy and handled well.

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