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urgent info needed re living in Sydney

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DelGirl Thu 22-May-14 09:28:57

A friend has to consider work options and only has a week to decide. One of the placements is Sydney. They are a gay couple, not married. The partner who hasnt got the job is English. How long could he stay and would he get a permit for voluntary or paid work. Would it make a difference if they were married?


Hazchem Fri 23-May-14 04:08:32

The other things is lots of countries include a pay for the trailing spouse as part of the package depending on how high up the person is.
The link Thumbwitch provided is good. The visa types and application are obviously really different to normal working visas.

DelGirl Fri 23-May-14 04:13:36

This is all very helpful, thanks smile

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