Mothers' Day

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echt Sat 10-May-14 22:58:43

And a splendid day to all the MNers abroad who are being waited on hand and foot today. smile

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Hazchem Sun 11-May-14 00:32:28

I'm feckign not.
DS was sick last night so slept in my bed. Woke at 5am. tried to settle him. he wet the bed my side. By the time it was changed ect I was properly awake. OH is asleep (he does have a cold) I don;t normally care about presents and shit but I feel like if there is fuck all acknowledgment I'll be quite shitty.

I hope however others are being waited on ect.

Bunbaker Sun 11-May-14 00:34:50

Mothering Sunday has been and gone in the UK, but happy Mother's Day to those of you who celebrate it today.

Hazchem Sun 11-May-14 00:45:04

I've reported my post for being an arse.

I hope everyone has a lovely mothers day filled with fun and joy and no washing up or laundry.
My own mum is working so I'm taking her for brunch next week when she can come visit.

LoopyKitten Sun 11-May-14 01:48:12

smile lovely card/drawing, pen and Haribo for me, DH is making me a boiled egg and has plans for a roast later. smile

AcrossthePond55 Sun 11-May-14 02:44:04

Hazchem you weren't being an arse. You were just describing what a 'real mother's day' consists of! Bless you, love, and make some time for yourself today.

MummyBeerest Sun 11-May-14 03:10:33

To you as well flowers

Forgive my ignorance, but why do we have different Mother's Day? Why can't it be a universally accepted date?


Hazchem Sun 11-May-14 03:59:07

Thanks Acrossthepond
DS gave me slippers (it's pretty cold at the moment and i have been looking for them) and a Cosmo which I haven't got in ages so that is kinda fun.

MummyBeerest but who's date would you choose obviously the Australian is correct but I feel UK MNers would disagree with me.

Batmansunderpants Sun 11-May-14 04:16:36

Happy Mother's Day all! I'm at work with 2 sick littlies so no celebrating in our household.

AmericasTorturedBrow Sun 11-May-14 04:35:09

It's Mother's Day in USA too but I'm west coast so not for a few hours yet

AdoraBell Sun 11-May-14 04:46:47

No Arseness at all from Hazchem, hope DS recovers, you have a pleasant day and a fab lunch when your Mum visits.

I'm bringing up the rear - no sniggering <stern face> - here in Chile, t'is still Saturday, just.

Hope everyone has a happy Mother's day.

I'm being taken out for lunch and DDs are going to buy me a little gift, once I give them some cashwink while we are out. DH was blissfuly ignorante Due to working 18 hour days steered by a new slave driver assistant, but DDs brought him up to speed last nightgrin

MooseBeTimeForSpring Sun 11-May-14 04:49:55

It's Mother's Day in Canada too. Only another 3 hours and 10 minutes to wait. I'm hoping for a lie in, a card and Eggs Benedict for breakfast.

WhereHas1999DissappearedToo Sun 11-May-14 04:57:04

It's Mother's day here in NZ, I got nothing but Dd did put a post a photo and said happy Mother's Day on Instagram. I've been re painting the windows today, seeing as the weather isn't great.

chloeb2002 Sun 11-May-14 05:33:14

Night shift. Breakfast made.. Pj's on all day! Bit of baking.. Playing and watching TV!

HicDraconis Sun 11-May-14 05:52:37

Happy mothers' day from NZ!

Was planning a lovely day with children / dogs / DH - all started off well with cards and Lush shower gel (chosen by boys apparently).

Then we went to karate and thanks to a mistimed kick, have a probably broken toe. Have had to spend entire day on sofa with foot up, swallowing painkillers. However, DH (who was my kicking partner so it's his fault) is feeling suitably bad and is running around after me smile

Ninehoursahead Sun 11-May-14 05:55:50

Happy Mothers Day from Sydney!

I got a hideously awful necklace from DS (5) bought from the school stall. I love it! grin

Love Australian Mothers Day because it's all about me, all my relatives are in the UK so I don't have to worry about cards, presents or phone calls!!

MummyBeerest Sun 11-May-14 07:03:21

I'd choose either. Or both. Both would be nice.

ifink Sun 11-May-14 08:25:00

Yes another corker from the Mother's Day school stall in qld (which I had to donate gifts to and then give money to DD to buy something).....this year I got.......wait for it...........nail clippers

PortofinoRevisited Sun 11-May-14 08:36:09

Bonne Fetes Des Meres from Brussels. I got a lovely card and a hand painted mug this morning. It is horrible out so I am going to have a lazy day and dh has a nice bit of lamb to cook.

Bunbaker Sun 11-May-14 09:22:21

"Forgive my ignorance, but why do we have different Mother's Day? Why can't it be a universally accepted date?"

Because ours is on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was originally a time when people returned to the church, in which they were baptized or where they attended services when they were children. This meant that families were reunited as adults returned to the towns and villages where they grew up. In time, it became customary for young people who were working as servants in large houses, to be given a holiday on Mothering Sunday. They could use this day to visit their own mother. It was traditional to eat Simnel cake on Mothering Sunday.

drinkingtea Sun 11-May-14 09:44:59

Happy Mothers Day Hazchem - I don't think you're an arse either, and I always prefer to read about other people living in the "real" world rather than rise tinted ones misery loves company grin

Its Mothers Day here in Germany - I think the UK is the only place that celebrates in March so the March Date must be "wrong" Mother, who lectures me every UK mothers day when I phone her to wish her an enjoyable day, on the UK date being right and questions why Germany has a different mothers day, as if I changed it to annoy her personally There are at least 3 dates around the world aren't they? Or is it just UK versus international?

Usually I growlingly write Mothers Day off as Grandmothers Day - really are we the only family where on both sides the grandmothers think it is all about them, the full day, not just flowers and a phone call...? This year we have a festival at Kindergarten, so DH has gone to see his mum for the entire day and I am taking 3 kids to the Kindergarten Festival.

My kids made me breakfast in bed, including a cup of tea made by my 8 year old eldest - presented proudly with home made cards and a pottery heart DD made at school... at 6.30am grin

Makemineapintofrioja Sun 11-May-14 09:51:35

I am having a great time in the Netherlands. Just finished eating apple pie and am in the soft play wearing my new hand made necklace which is very pink smile

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Sun 11-May-14 09:55:18

Happy Mothers Day to you all.

Thanks Bunbaker for that fabulous explanation and for calling it what it is, Mothering Sunday and not Mothers Day.

Mothers Day is a construct of the card companies, Mothering Sunday is a Christian celebration.

Makemineapintofrioja Sun 11-May-14 09:57:33

And did not have to visit Grandma for the first time and can have my girls all to myself today and get two minutes of attention - I hear you drinkingteagrin

Hazchem Sun 11-May-14 10:35:40

Thanks. I'm glad I haven't ruined anyones day by being grumpy.
OH even made a lovely dinner and we went to a friends house for a shower (Our hot water broke yesterday) they have as really posh lovely shower with a view of the garden and sky so it was almost as good as a spa retreat.

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