Costs London vs Stockholm?

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Tenrec Mon 21-Apr-14 15:21:29

I know it's very expensive in Stockholm (especially alcohol hmm ) but in terms of housing, petrol etc;?

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cheesecakemom Tue 22-Apr-14 07:24:40

It's expensive as a visitor from outside the country. If you live there it's fine. You tend to get paid more even though taxes are high. Childcare is less than £200 - I believe this is for everyone (nursery) - a lot less than £1500 we paid in the UK. Schools are also good and you may get a subsidy for an independent school.

Housing - renting can be pricey particularly in the city. Sweden is not very good at this sort of thing. The apartments are usually well looked after. Do a search online to see the average cost - property websites. Not sure if I'm allowed to say which ones here.

Buying is a better option in my opinion, it's a bit different from the UK. Apartments always have a mortgage + another monthly fee which can be as high as the mortgage but depends on what and where you are buying - it can include broadband, satellite TV, water, insurance, cleaning communal areas, laundrette etc. In inner Stockholm it's expensive.
Houses I feel are more affordable than the UK. You get a lot more house for you money.

Alcohol - you can only buy from certain shops run by the state I think. You can't buy real alcohol from the supermarket. It's quite controlled. Again the price is higher than the UK - not massively but if you work there it's ok. Let me know if I can help. Are you moving there? If it's through work it may be worth visiting first and see for yourself and get them to find you a place.

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