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Anyone in Dubai?

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2ManyPimms Wed 23-Aug-06 17:20:03

Just curious. DH's contract in London is coming to a close and I thought that Dubai would be an interesting place to be for a year or so.

Alfoufi Mon 04-Dec-06 22:46:44

Hi, my husband and I are moving to Abu Dhabi with our two boys in May . Apparently, much better for families than Dubai and less opportunities to spend the money you make tax free. I have many friends living in Dubai and love it!

Starmummy Fri 08-Dec-06 09:40:40

Dh, DS(age 11) and I are moving to Dubai in feb 2007. Very excited. Not sure when we have done the figures that it will be a profit making exercise however I do think the quality of life will be fab. Alfoufi - I would have really appreciated a lot less oppotuntites to spend the hard earned cash, everything I see seems just so tempting. Sigh.....

sha11 Fri 08-Dec-06 09:45:08

2many pimms waht does he do, u will miss modelling though

MABS Tue 27-Feb-07 21:16:48

Alfoufi - did you move to auh? are you going to still?

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