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puthyjip43 Wed 02-Apr-14 13:43:52

Here to help with any q's about life down under for anyone thinking of emigrating

Hazchem Fri 25-Apr-14 07:53:53

Chloeb There has been a change for bring dogs and cats in recently . It means less time in quarantine but more time in the home country.

Kaza1 I'm in country NSW. In large town near a bigger city. We like it. It means lots of expenses are cheaper. Rent for example is $300 p/w. We are on well below the average aussie income too. I find it easier to live cheaply here then in UK (london) as there is lots of free or cheap stuff out there. EG yesterday we went for a walk in a gorge then used the free BBQ in near the play ground and cooked some sausages for lunch. we had some salad bread ect and i think lunch would of cost us $15 for 2 adults and a child.

Kaza1 Fri 25-Apr-14 08:48:39

Hazchem NSW is second on our list! What's the weather like? That's really good for rent. Sounds perfect enjoying the great outdoors xx

Kaza1 Fri 25-Apr-14 10:13:15

How long have you been in NSW Hazchem? Xx

Hazchem Fri 25-Apr-14 10:20:30

18 months now. I'm originally an aussie and grew up near here. It's cold in winter smile We have had the heating on for about a week now. Although just heat to 18 degree as that keeps the edge off. It is hot in summer. we had about quite a few days over 35 and a couple of 40. Our house isn't insulated and we don't have air con. So spent a fair bit of time going to malls, museums ect to escape the summer heat.
Yes our rent is cheap. Regional Australia has a lo to offer and it is much cheaper then the big cities. depending on what sector you are in if regional australia is worth the move. I've got a fondness for mildura which is in vic but close to the SA border. It's hot dry dusty and a bit rough around the edges but has some of the most beautiful country I have seen and truely wonderful food. It is however a good 5 or 6 hours to the next big city.

Kaza1 Sat 26-Apr-14 09:32:23

Quick question please. Will my husband need a skills assessment for visa 489? He has his trade papers & job on list. Thanks xx

Hazchem Sat 26-Apr-14 10:01:20

I think so. here is the page from immigration on 489 have you check the skill list for the states you are applying for?

Hazchem Sat 26-Apr-14 10:07:28

Here is SA's list [[ ]]

Hazchem Sat 26-Apr-14 10:07:55


Kaza1 Sat 26-Apr-14 18:01:30

Thanks Hazchem l must have missed that bit....l"ll get it sent off as soon as passports came today so full steam ahead xx

Kaza1 Sun 27-Apr-14 09:30:09

Is anyone in Adelaide or SA been hearing that it's hard to get a job & if thats the case might need to do dome more research into other area's? My husband is a painter & decorator. Thanks x

HowsTheSerenity Sun 27-Apr-14 23:06:08

Northern Territory? Look at the NT newspaper headlines online. They are hysterical.
Everything is more expensive up north. Don't expected to get the latest shows, concerts etc there. Actually don't expect any.
It would be an amazing adventure if you are game. I'm not sure how many job opportunities for you there would be though.

saffronwblue Mon 28-Apr-14 08:48:24

kaza look at for jobs in SA

Kaza1 Mon 28-Apr-14 13:24:23

Thanks l'll have a look x

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