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moving to great yarmouth uk for work with 2 children

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maddirose93 Sat 29-Mar-14 04:25:26

My partner has been offered a job in great yarmouth UK, and the company he will b working for has offered to pay for housing and relocation costs. We have a 2 year old daughter and I am currently 6 months pregnant with the next. I would like to know what great yarmouth is like for bringing up a family and if it is a safe place, also what areas to avoid and what areas are the nicer end places? We will only be their for 2 years, moving over on the 27th of may. Any type of information would be great thankyou!!!

mummytime Sat 29-Mar-14 07:42:31

I'm not sure where you come from, but Great Yarmouth is pretty safe. It has a nice beach, isn't too expensive a place to live. You could try reposting on the Local board for Norfolk, for more replies and more detail.

Dillydollydaydream Sat 29-Mar-14 08:08:18

It's very safe. No gang crime there. Nice seaside town, can get busy in the summer season but the beach a few miles away in Gorleston is gorgeous.

The high school in Great Yarmouth isn't wonderful at the moment but this won't be an issue for you given the age of your dc.

Have a look at Gorleston/Bradwell to live, only 3-4miles out of Great Yarmouth but nice.

Good luck with the move.

Chatee Sat 29-Mar-14 08:16:53

I don't know the area at all, so can't help you on that aspect but the thing that stuck out to me is the fact that you have a 2 year old dd and are planning to be in Great Yarmouth for 2 years.
I know it may seem like a long time off but the two years will end as you will be applying for primary schools for your dd( if you are not choosing to home educate obviously) and there are many posts on Mumsnet describing situations about not getting a school place, getting a school that is not where you want etc and moving house during this period would not be recommended.
Check out the current policies of where you live or hope to live when your dd is going to school.

Good luck x

Fairylea Sat 29-Mar-14 08:20:30

If you can and if finance permits it I would move a little further down from great Yarmouth itself... southwold perhaps or even one of the surrounding villages. Yarmouth is a typical loud seaside town, I love going there for the day or for a holiday but I wouldn't want to live there personally. (I live in Diss in South Norfolk so know the area reasonably well, we moved here from London about 7 years ago). Winterton is also lovely. It depends how near to work you need to be.

Annapic Sat 24-Mar-18 12:05:57

In my late 50s and thinking to move to Great Yarmouth (from London outskirts).
I've looked at southwold (bit snobby) and aldeburgh has stone beach but Yarmouth and surroundings has lovely sandy beaches. I'm semi retired and still want somewhere a bit lively. Also don't drive. Any tips

confusednorthner Sun 25-Mar-18 09:59:31

Personally I wouldn't live in Yarmouth! Look at surrounding villages which are much nicer. Yarmouth itself is mini Blackpool in my eyes, quite rundown and not that pleasant once off main streets.

Madupfam Sun 01-Apr-18 13:40:00

My parents live in Gorleston which is the next seaside town along much nicer to be honest and it has a better beach .I lived right in the centre of Yarnouth around ten years ago it wasn't great then was very happy to leave.

Patienceofatoddler Fri 06-Apr-18 08:19:38

Coming from someone who grew up in Norfolk - Gt Yarmouth was never a place we visited even though only living 20 minutes away.

There's much much nicer areas very close and personally I wouldn't Choose to live in Gt Yarmouth.

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