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Moving to paris

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chapca Thu 27-Mar-14 20:36:51


I am after lots of advice from those of you who know paris. We are a British family living in london and my husband has been offered a role in paris. We would probably just go for a year. We have a 1 and 3 year old and I wouldn't be working over there and speak minimal french (though am keen to learn).

Just wondering the best areas to live. The western suburbs sound nice but wondering whether as we are only going for a year we should live more centrally. I can't quite get my head around apartment living with no garden though.

Any advise would be greatfully received. I would also like recommendations for pre schools for my 3 year old.

Thanks a lot!

PeachyParisian Thu 27-Mar-14 23:35:16

Western suburbs are an expat haven so you won't be short of english speakers but learning French will make your time here much more pleasant. We live in the 4eme which is very central and ideal for my commute to work but I do feel a tiny bit claustrophobic, the rents are much higher in the centre and the apartments are also a great deal smaller.
There are a lot of small parks but the suburbs are far nicer for large green spaces which is a nicer environment for small children. It doesn't take long at all to get into the city so I don't think living on the outskirts will detract from your experience whatsoever.
Have you considered the 16eme? its lovely and calm but still within the city periphery? The areas close to Bois de Boulogne are ideal for young families.

There are many fantastic montessori, bilingual schools on the west side of Paris but many have waiting lists/can be vv expensive which is worth bearing in mind.

A year is quite a short period of time for such an upheaval IMO. DH and I moved here early December and we are still wrangling with the bureaucracy: getting NI numbers etc . Everything seems to take much longer here, you might find that by the time you have settled here its time to up roots!
Best of luck with your move!

MasterOfTheYoniverse Fri 28-Mar-14 02:14:39

Within Paris, agree that the area around the bois de Boulogne would be good if not out of budget. Smaller space but character and great open spaces at your doorstep.
The jardin du Ranelagh is full of english speaking kids. Thats a posh safe neighborhood at London prices. thinks w8/w11/sw7/sw10

The area around the Champs de Mars/Eiffel tower where the 7e and 15e meet (village suisse) is good. Take that perimeter all the way to metro Duroc past the Invalides, That gives you a nice arch with prices generally lower than within the 7e proper.
Again lots of English speakers because of the proximity of the american school and UNESCO headquarters.
Nice garden squares, leafy avenue, safe.

Along the axis Courcelles/Monceau/Villiers, you can find a decent selection of apartments and the pard Monceau again full of anglophile families du to the proximity of bilingual schools.
Housing becomes more affordable as you move north towards malesherbes, wag ram, perreire. As far as I can remember, these are safe areas and still very close to monceau

ImpOfDarkness Fri 28-Mar-14 06:59:22

You need to get in touch with for advice.

Frenchie123 Sat 29-Mar-14 13:28:50

We're considering moving to Paris too (at my behest -the French half of the couple). British fiancée is rather sceptical about being able to be life inParis and be happy in Paris. How have you resolved that issue in your head ? Any advice from anybody else ?

Bonsoir Sun 30-Mar-14 21:43:23

Pre-school at Petit Cours du Rocher and apartment near Parc Monceau. Play group via Message.

chapca Wed 09-Apr-14 22:18:04

Thanks everyone for your advise. Sorry not replied sooner but husband has been working on the package so only just getting the details.

I am researching all the areas you have mentioned and looking for schools.

Still weighing up suburb vs central. I can't quite get my head around it so will have to do a visit soon. Around Monceau/17e looks great and where my husbands office is. Petit Cours du Rocher looks great (thanks Bonsoir) but they are full at the moment but a space might come up nearer the time.

We don't get a school included in our package so all the main English speaking international ones are ruled out on cost. My son is very bright and very ahead with language (English - he has no French) but he is quite sensitive and hates being pushed. I would love him to learn French but not at the detriment to his enjoyment and we think we may return to London after a year so he can start reception here. I am worried he might freak out if placed in a 100% French school.

I am going to look at the Bilingual Montessoris and BISP. Does anyone have any views on these?

Frenchie123 - hope you have worked things out with your Fiancee - my situation is a bit different to hers as I have already put my career to the side while having the kids so not giving up so much. I view the move as an exciting, extended holiday and it will give me a chance to look after my kids myself without money worries.

Thanks so much again

Dlb1234 Sat 02-Aug-14 04:47:30

We are moving to Paris in March 2015 and my husband will be working in the La Defense area. We have a 5 and 4 y.o. Where is a good place for us to live in with nearby parks and good school. Neither kids speak french.

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