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Anyone in the US? Looking for advice

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fukkigucci Tue 25-Mar-14 02:43:24

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with a dilemma.
We moved to PA in June. I have 2 dd's, aged 6 and 2. Dd6 is in K.
We have an opportunity to move to savannah GA for 2 months, May and June. This would be for DH's work, and would really help in furthering him with his company. All expenses would be covered.
I really want to go. If we didn't have a 6 year old then we would be there in a shot.
BUT, is it worth interrupting dd's education?
She is a confident girl, makes friends easily and is doing well in school. And we are so sick of the cold here and she'd love to be near a beach. I would put her into a school there, we've already found a small school that looks perfect. (Know a couple of people there).
I appreciate anyone's thoughts.


BigRedApple Tue 25-Mar-14 02:51:36

Would you move back to PA after the two months? Realistically you're probably only talking about 6 weeks worth of school given she'll finish Kindergarten in mid June?
I think putting her into a new school for just 6 weeks would be more disruptive than missing the last 6 weeks of K.
The teacher could give you work or you could join DH a week or two later.
I wouldn't be keen to do it personally, but if you think it's the right move career wise, I don't think it will adversely affect her education in the long term.

fukkigucci Tue 25-Mar-14 03:08:17

We would definitely move back. It's more of an extended trip really.
I think dd would have a tough time not being in school, she would be bored at home. She needs the social interaction and stimulation. And the chance to make some friends

Earlybird Tue 25-Mar-14 03:14:06

I'd check the dates of the school year with your Savannah friends. Generally speaking, schools in the south are out before the end of May. I think schools in the north go into June.

If my hunch is correct, get your Savannah friends to suggest some day camps to enroll your dd in. They start up the week after school is out. But look into it straight away, as camps fill up quickly.

Long way of saying: I'd go. Set it up as an adventure. Tell your dd you'll visit the beach, etc - make it sound fun. And once the adventure is over, you'll be back on familiar ground with familiar faces.

TheZeeTeam Tue 25-Mar-14 03:20:14

Just pull her out! Take some work with you and do it first thing each morning. We arrived in the US for Memorial Day and none of them went to school until September. It's had no impact on their education at all and they're now 10-17!

fukkigucci Tue 25-Mar-14 11:59:30

Just to add, dd started school here late, at the end of December. So she already missed some, and successfully caught up.
I looked up when the school year ends, and it does end earlier than I thought, thanks for that!

I really want to go, so I really appreciate hearing other points of view.

fukkigucci Tue 25-Mar-14 13:45:15


BigRedApple Tue 25-Mar-14 16:48:47

Looking into summer camps is a great idea. If you want to do it don't let missing a few weeks of kindergarten stop yousmile

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