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FIshMama Sun 09-Mar-14 15:01:24

My husband has a chance to work in Bangkok/Phuket for 6months - year. It would be about 1/2 months in Bangkok then possibly moving to Phuket for the remainder.

We currently live in the Caribbean and my daughter and I go out every day to the park/beach/playgroup.

I have a few questions as I don't want to move there and find my daughter and I can't get out as much.

Is it easy to find playgroups?
My daughter LOVES the playground so are there good ones?
What are good ares to live in?
Does the air quality bother anyone?
Do you need a car or can you get by on public transport?

We have traveled to Thailand a lot and we love it, but I am very aware that it's different to live in a country than just visiting.

Thank you - any other info would be greatly appreciated.

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MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 10-Mar-14 11:34:55

Big expat community both in bkk and Phuket.
Well established british schools too so I expect there will be some baby groups (don't live there so no first hand info)

Bangkok is quite easy to navigate. Its really geared up to receive tourists ( as you may know….sounds like your DH is in the hospitality industry?) so english is widely spoken/understood, transport is good.
My friend uses the BKK kids facebook page which is fast moving and updated daily. You can post there for info or just lurk….lost of ideas/info.
Best areas to live depend obviously on your commute. Driving can be a nightmare but the skytrain system is very efficient, cost effective and safe.
Notable expat areas are:

Its a very central neighborhood, hip and trendy, think shoreditch-primrose hill-st germain des pres (in all proportions…)…….then make it 1 block at the most. With a strange mix of euro-french/japan-little Korea feel.
A good mix and super easy a stone's throw from central sukhumvit, hotels, some international schools nearby and cafe culture so a good meeting point if what you are looking for is an urban village feel.

Sathorn is the business & Embassy district, with expats and a good mix of young trendy affluent locals too. Some really nice condos there, upmarket trattorias, but less of a villagey feel. Not as many walking distance amenities.

Thonburi, on the other side of the Chao Phraya rivers is a great way to be close to all the city has to offer while being in a less modernised and hectic environment.
Much less densely packed in than in Bangkok proper. If you are more interested in living in a house there is a better chance of finding one on this side of the river.
If you crave a bit of greenery, the Lungs of Bangkok are close to hand giving you access to lots of green space and parkland that is ideal for walking, cycling and just getting in touch with nature.

About 20km out of central bangkok (nearer to the international airport if that matters) is Bang Na, a more suburban expat enclave with a top british school. More space for your money, golf courses nearby etc….Again Depends what you're after really.

Arghhh sorry so long!

poke me if you want more on phuket….

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 10-Mar-14 11:47:50

there are a few BKK, ex-BKK mners here so keep bumping an am sure they'll come round for more specific info.

Re: pollution its all relative. An in Hong Kong so thailand is a breeze in my scale. But coming from the caribbean, I can see how being around Sukhumvit might be to much too bear for you…...

ApricotExpat Tue 11-Mar-14 11:22:55

I'm in Phuket. It's fabulous. What would you like to know?! You'll definitely need a car.

FIshMama Sun 16-Mar-14 09:29:23

Thanks all. That's helpful.
ApricotExpat, I just want to get an idea of daily life with a small child. Mine is 1 so I need to be able to go out and do guns things wit her on a regular basis as well as being able to find ther mums.
MasterOfTheYouniverse that's for the info I will have a look into the areas.

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