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Travel insurance for expats

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flowerpowergirl Fri 21-Feb-14 14:42:42

On the basis most expats have health insurance (ours covers us worldwide all the time we live abroad) do you bother with travel insurance for holidays? We have house contents insurance so if a suitcase went missing we'd be covered and anyway we never take valuables on holiday. So is there any need for travel insurance? What do you do?

mrsnec Fri 21-Feb-14 15:21:17


For me it depends on where we travel. I am an expat without health or home insurance. I got insurance for my last trip outside the eu but not if I'm travelling within. My next trip is outside the eu but only hand luggage I think I'll get insurance from a health point of view but I like to be covered for delays and airline failure too. Can't remember which company I used for insurance before so if anyone can reccomend good expat insurance that would be good.

Mutley77 Mon 24-Feb-14 12:36:07

Yes always. Just in case someone was seriously ill, or god forbid died, for the associated cancellation costs or changes to return flights, ongoing accommodation at destination, air ambulance, repatriation of body. Don't think health insurance would cover any of that; obvs thinking about a worst case scenario but isn't that what insurance is for?

exexpat Sat 01-Mar-14 22:08:33

I think our expat health insurance offered an add-on annual travel policy for a small extra premium - it was a while ago, so can't remember the details, but worth checking if yours does similar? I think it would be worth if for cancellation/disruption cover and any huge unexpected expenses like air ambulances, repatriation of a body etc unless that is already covered under your health policy. Banks which cater for expats might also offer that kind of cover.

siilk Sun 02-Mar-14 09:59:03

We never had travel insurance but we did have huge coverage with our health insurance package. We also didn't tend to take the tech etc with us. The health insurance saved us £20,000 in china when I ended up have emergency surgery there.

SteveBrucesNose Sun 02-Mar-14 14:55:59

I always do because I'm paranoid. Usually through axa gulf. I often carry my golf clubs with me though so it covers those

flowerpowergirl Tue 04-Mar-14 04:19:42

Ok thanks all. Our health ins is very comprehensive so covers repatriation etc but I will look into add on insurance for the rest. thanks

Patchworks Thu 13-Mar-14 12:43:43

Travel insurance begins to get very expensive once you are over 70. Well worth checking out the specialist over 70's sites

flowerpowergirl Thu 13-Mar-14 14:46:02

Thanks. I love a discount but sadly still in my 40s!!

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