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Lille - September 5th - 7th - Manic Weekend...

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lookoveryourshouldernow Tue 18-Feb-14 23:00:33

Double Posted - Apologies - but wasn't sure where to post this .....

Hi There

Was wondering whether there was anyone here can/could help me ( or recommend any accommodation) for reasonably priced lodgings/ self catering / B&B etc ) for the La Braderie weekend ( 6/7 September 2014).

Looking for something from 5th September - check out 7th September... have looked at the normal Google stuff ... but not impressed...

Only requirements are Wi-Fi and access to Metro and ability to navigate back to the Station to catch Eurostar...

Thank You

WallyBantersJunkBox Sat 22-Feb-14 01:04:45

Try the BB hotel chain. They are kind of refurbed Formula 1 hotels with private bathrooms and family rooms with bunks. Prices from around €30

Their breakfasts are great value too - unlimited bacon baguettes and croissants! smile

Schmedz Sat 22-Feb-14 16:50:20

We recently found good accommodation through People rent their private home/apartment for very reasonable rates in comparison to hotels. You might be lucky and find something in Lille, for example

sadandverymad Sat 22-Feb-14 17:26:09

Excellent suggestion for Hotel BB and I can see one near the stadium in Villeneuve d'Ascq near a metro station. Some are purpose built, some are conversions. Free wifi and unilmited breakfast, wonderful places where looking for accommodation for 4.

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