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Sweden - Dagis for DC1 when DC2 arrives

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purplemurple1 Wed 12-Feb-14 06:34:23


Just wondering if anyone knows the legal or normal routine, we will have DC1 in dagis when DC2 is due. We will both need to continue working FT (self employed), I know normally if you are on parental leave with a second child you get limited hours for any child already in daycare, but can't find information on what happens if you aren't on parental leave but have a child under 1 yr old.

Any ideas? Is it up to each commune?

scottswede Wed 12-Feb-14 07:46:34

Sorry not sure if it's info on dagis for DC1 or 2.
Think you will have to take care of No2 by yourself till 1st birthday, with the 15hrs dagis for No2.
I don't know for sure though. Private nannies are practically non-existent, so I would ask the dagis you are using for some info.
I remember a neigbour saying she would need to wait till DC1 was at school before having another as she couldn't afford to take a year off.
Are you living in Sweden already or moving ?

scottswede Wed 12-Feb-14 08:01:36

Because neighbour was self-employed too.......

purplemurple1 Wed 12-Feb-14 08:08:03

We are already in Sweden, I'm fine with having the newborn at home and both working FT around him as we can both work from home and have flexible hours. But that will be immpossible if we have to have the older DC home as well so I was wondering if we aren't on parental leave but have an under 1 yr old at home, can the older DC remain in FT dagis?

I know there have been some changes lately but my Swedish is pretty poor so I'm not up too speed. Guess its an unusual situation over here so I'm not sure the little dagis we use will know and I'd like to have the facts before approaching them iykwim.


scottswede Wed 12-Feb-14 08:27:58

I am pretty sure everyone is entitled to 15hrs day care in Sweden. I was a SAHM and both my kids were still entitled to 20hrs. (If your first child is not Swedish born you are entitled to 20hrs)
I would go to the rektoror principal of the dagis and not the teachers.
Good luck.

purplemurple1 Wed 12-Feb-14 08:32:13

thanks, I suppose 15 is better than nothing, I suppose it would give me a couple of days to work around the newborn only.
I'll guess I'll have to bite the bullet and talk to them about it.

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