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Childcare in Sydney...what to expect/pay?

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KellyMarieBoomBoom Tue 11-Feb-14 09:29:34

I've been offered the chance to go to Sydney for a year, from August. A fabulous opportunity but we're worried the finances won't stack up. Would mean DH leaving his job (salary on a par with mine). We have a DD who will be just turned 1 ( I'd be going at the end of my maternity leave), and a DS who'll be 6. I'd be working 5 days a week, he would be trying to get freelance work, so we'd have to have childcare in place, even if he's not working. Which I'm worried will mean we just can't afford to go, unless work offer to pay for a nanny (hmmmm, likelihood?!).

Please can anyone give me some insight into :

A - nurseries. I've read that nursery places in nice areas have hideous waiting lists. Is it possible to get places, at short notice? I've been doing homework on costs, I'm thinking 100-150ad a day?

B - nannies . What would I be paying for a full time nanny? Are they easier to hire? Do they take babies to baby groups, like they do in the UK? Would my DD make toddler friends?!

C - after school childcare. Do schools have before and after school clubs, as we do here? What are they like? What are the typical hours? And cost? And likelihood of getting in?!

Any advice gratefully received! Such a big decision....

Expat2 Tue 11-Feb-14 14:17:25

We are in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and different areas can be different but:

Childcare: long wait lists where we are and you'd have to beg and be lucky to get a spot short term. You could start with a couple of days and build up? We moved back when DS2 was about 12 weeks. His name went down although we didn't need a spot straight away. He has had 3 days a week come up in one centre this year at 2.5 years and nothing at the other centre but I didn't hassle or beg which makes a difference. Those costs are right where we are (I doubt on a visa you get CCR? It gives 50% of the cost back up to $7.5k per year).

Nannies: eastern suburbs costs are $20-$25 an hour depending on experience found through you could try to negotiate a full time package. Live in pretty unusual in my circles. They will do playgroups, library story time, whatever you instruct them to do.

After school care: definitely available. At my kids school it is $30 a day for after school and it goes until 6pm. However, the lack of spots at some schools has made the paper a few times in the last 6months. I believe it's a real issue in the inner west? Far too many kids on the waiting list and far too few spots. Not an issue at our school but we are in a demographic with a lot of SAHMs so maybe less demand?

Hope that helps. I suspect the answers will be partially dependent in where you want to live.

KellyMarieBoomBoom Tue 11-Feb-14 14:32:06

Thanks, that's a massive help. I think I'm going to have to work on assuming a nanny, when I sit down with my 'do we stay or do we go' spreadsheet!

TerrorAustralis Sun 23-Feb-14 06:30:08

You could also consider an au pair. Cheaper than a nanny, and if your DH is working from home, then you wouldn't necessarily need the au pair to work full time hours.

I think the going rate is around $150-200 a week (I could be wrong).

chloeb2002 Sun 23-Feb-14 08:38:54

We have au pairs. Works really well for us as I'm a nurse, working shifts. My dh works away during the week. We also have a sn child who struggled in daycare. Great having the kids cared for at home by what's ultimately a big sister. We choose very carefully and out of 7 au pairs in 6 years only one has been hard work! Not bad but just didn't fit in! Kids love the experience of having an ap.
no rebate on ap's tho. We pay cash as a pocket money $120 a week for three days work. Plus a car with fuel, mobile phone credit, board and lodging. We also do have support of good friends and some helpful neighbours who would assist ap if needed.

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