Do all countries have shops like Argos?

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DrNick Mon 10-Feb-14 03:05:26

Was in there the other day thinking what a weird concept this is. I don't know it's even an English invention or imported.
But does it exist elsewhere?

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westcoastnortherner Mon 10-Feb-14 06:51:50

No not in Canada

Longdistance Mon 10-Feb-14 06:53:11

Not in Oz, well, Wesrtern Australia.

Christmas2013 Mon 10-Feb-14 06:58:12

Not in Malaysia - at least the bit I'm in!

MarjorieAntrobus Mon 10-Feb-14 07:03:26

Nor in the bit I'm in, Christmas!

mrsnec Mon 10-Feb-14 07:07:41

Not in Cyprus. Hardly ever used it in the UK but find myself really missing it!

MarjorieAntrobus Mon 10-Feb-14 07:07:45

I think it will die out, surely? Why bother to schlep into a physical shop (Argos) where you cannot see the merchandise (because it is all hidden in the warehouse) when you can do exactly the same thing online without leaving the house?


17leftfeet Mon 10-Feb-14 07:08:24

No they don't

Argos actually trialled shops in holland about 15 years ago -massive flop!

lollylaughs Mon 10-Feb-14 07:13:07

No, nothing like it in SA either.

Longdistance Mon 10-Feb-14 07:14:26

Argos has been around about 30+ years iirc. My mum and bought me a large 'lady' doll from there when I was about 3. So that was 35 years ago. I still shop there, I've got one that's really convenient to park and hop into.

somedizzywhore1804 Mon 10-Feb-14 07:18:24

It shouldn't have lasted in today's online shopping era but I so find it convenient for some things. Case in point- Hoover bags. Hard to source the ones I need but I always know I will be able to find them in argos and there's a massive one in a retail park with loads of parking and late night opening near my house.... So that's where I go. Probably a couple of quid cheaper elsewhere but happily pay frontage convenience.

Also good for bizarre items I've found, like I wanted one of those old lady carpet sweepers for the rug in my living room to save getting the Hoover out all the time. Couldn't find one anywhere and then... Argos to the rescue!

PenelopeLane Mon 10-Feb-14 07:24:16

Not in NZ - the first time I went into one in the UK I said to someone 'where is all the stuff??'

CrewElla Mon 10-Feb-14 07:26:44

There used to be a similar store in Canada called Consumer Distributors but they eventually went out of business. There is also a tool shop (wood working & gardening) called Lee Valley Tools that is similar that you fill out a slip to get your merchandise.

Rosa Mon 10-Feb-14 07:27:26

Italy heavens no its far to organised.

NatashaBee Mon 10-Feb-14 07:27:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starballbunny Mon 10-Feb-14 07:44:57

Argos grew out of the old greens shield stamp shops.
You filled books with little green stamps and exchanged them for things - a pre computer nectar card.

There was then a catalogue you choose your reward from and off you went to the shop.

Eventually places phased out giving the loyalty stamps and money changed hands instead and Argos was born.

Still very handy if you want it now as DH drives past one, with easy parking, on his way home.

DrNick Mon 10-Feb-14 09:16:48

i love old lady carpet sweepers - I have a GTECH for our laminate, is aces

it is an odd shop isnt it? I am partial to the lizzy duke fake diamond earrings

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noddyholder Mon 10-Feb-14 10:57:46

'the laminated book of dreams' always makes me lol

noddyholder Mon 10-Feb-14 10:59:07

so funny

MinesAPintOfTea Mon 10-Feb-14 11:02:10

I find it very handy now. I can price compare online and if they're competitive I can reserve an item online and go to my local shop confident I will be able to pick it up rater than the yodel roulette.

Mojang Mon 10-Feb-14 11:03:18

Argos was DS1's first word blush We used to use the catalogue as a picture book full of household items, honestly it was all educational!

elQuintoConyo Mon 10-Feb-14 11:11:24

Not here in S

elQuintoConyo Mon 10-Feb-14 11:14:12

Ahem, I'll yry that agaon:

Not in Spain, which is weird as mo one does Internet shopping so you'd think it'd be quite successful.

Love Argos. Loved going through the catalogue as a child. Loved highlighting the gopping 'mum' jewellery so my DM would think that's what we were chipping in to get her for her birthday grin

DrNick Mon 10-Feb-14 11:18:08

lol at noddys link

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Isthiscorrect Mon 10-Feb-14 15:27:28

Not on the Middle East. Cant say I ever went in one when I lived in the Uk so no great loss to me.

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