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Looking to move from USA to Europe

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Melvicious Mon 10-Feb-14 00:12:23

My husband and I have talked about moving to Europe for years. We now have 3 children 4,9 and 11. We've talked to them about the possibility if moving out of the country. I can't handle living here anymore. And I want my children to be mire worldly. I want them to experience a REAL life that they would not have here. I feel that children growing up in Europe are smarter, kinder, well traveled and more aware of the world. Any one have any ideas on where the best place to raise an American family would be? I want my kids to learn multiple languages and be a part of the world. I do know that lots of places don't really like Americans. I'm wondering where to go? Oh and we are interracial. I'm black and my husband is white Irish American.

Earlybird Mon 10-Feb-14 00:31:55

Have you ever travelled in Europe? Where did you enjoy/feel comfortable?

How would you support yourselves?
What passports do you carry? Do you have/could you get dual citizenship?
Do you/your dh/your dc speak any languages besides English?

Melvicious Mon 10-Feb-14 12:23:44

Wow, I realize how pathetic I sounded when writing this. blush lol. My husband and I were up late having a few drinks and complaining about living in the U.S. And had been searching for the best places to live. Obviously we'd have a lot of work to do. My husband has travelled to the U.K. quite often. I've only gone a couple of times. We have friends in various places around the globe. I speak Spanish, some German and some Italian. My children do not speak any languages as of yet. I'm a chef so we were hoping to see about me getting a work visa first. If I could secure a cooking job maybe doing prep work in a kitchen somewhere. I'm not quite sure how that all works. We'd have a lot of research to do. A lot of visiting. Selling our house. I'm thinking more along the lines of a 3-5 yr plan and not an overnight move. I know that's how it originally sounded lol.

Vagndidit Mon 10-Feb-14 17:18:27

Assuming you are US citizens without any claim to EU citizenship, it's difficult to just "up and go" and move abroad. You would need a job that is willing to help you secure work visas, etc, which isn't easy.

We've lived in the UK for over 3 years and while it's nice to travel around Europe, the everyday life really is the same as it would be in the US--just without the convenience of family, friends and established roots. It's very much been a grass is greener experience for us. Personally, i'm pretty fed up with a lot of aspects of life here and would happily return to the US when the opportunity arises.

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