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Steben Sat 08-Feb-14 07:40:28

Can any give me a rough ball park figure if how much it cost you to relocate from the uk to Australia? Including shipping etc...visas are not as much as an issue as kids and DH are Australian iykwim. We wouldn't have anyone we could stay with when we arrived so that would have to be factored in and it would probably be Melbourne/Adelaide.

If anyone could help thanks in advance.

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chloeb2002 Sat 08-Feb-14 19:53:51

Different views on here with this!
You can choose..
1/ move with just the essentials. Emotional stuff photos and clothes etc. Then buy new stuff here. Price stuff up online. Harvey Norman and masters for white goods. Target clothes, big w sell just about everything too! I can't give prices as it depends what you want, if you are wanting a certain standard or just happy to get set up cheaply. To start.
2/ pack your entire uk home up bad move it. You will need a container and a shipping company.
3/ pack up a container and a wholes supply of everything as you don't want to buy australian stuff as it may cost you more.. Be different.. Or you don't like it.
4/ mid ground pack up several boxes of stuff and share a container.

Ok so points to remember ...

Electrical goods brought over will not be under warranty.

You will have to wait several weeks for your container/ stuff to arrive. Rentals are not furnished.
You will need to get basic stuff when you get here.

Look at super amart for El cheapo furniture. Ikea here too depending where you go.

It's not cheap moving.

I dread to think how much it cost us!
Well worth it tho!

We stupidly.. In hindsight.. Packed a container, but on the cheap as a friend worked in shipping. It certainly wasn't full! We bought furniture and white goods here. A lot of it we bought online and ordered to arrive at our rental the day we arrived! At least we had a mattress to sleep on!

Rental market is very very competitive. You may get a holiday rental fully equipped for a month at first till you can get a cheaper " normal" rental?

There seems to be a lot of people on here who bring lots of lidl and aldi cosmetics.. Didn't do that! We have aldi but I find big w cheap for stuff or I just buy from SAMs warehouse or crazy Clark's where it's cheap import packaged big brand stuff!

Hope that helped!

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