Singapore or Malaysia ???

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rafa Wed 05-Feb-14 22:38:24

Hello, I have the potential of a job in Singapore or KL, for those that have lived/live in either or know the area which would you choose ? I Would be moving with DH who is a house husband and 2 DC's aged 3 and 6. I have been to both but interested in your opinions please , thanks

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lljkk Thu 06-Feb-14 11:08:12

I would choose Singapore.

Letslet Thu 06-Feb-14 11:20:54

I think a lot depends on your package. Would your employer be covering all housing/school costs. Singapore is obviously a lot more expensive to live in but offers lots in relation to shopping/ entertainment and home comforts. Malaysia is not as sophisticated but still offers good shopping, very cheap restaurants and more reasonable housing . Schooling is also an issue I know a lot of the very good schools in Singapore like Tanglin have long (think years) wait lists . It may be easier to access good schools in Malaysia . Not sure which is better for your DH the school gates tend to be dominated by women but I do know a few guys here in KL which don't work (although child free) and they fill their time with Golf and other sports and seem quite happy. Personally if I had the budget and guaranteed good schooling I would choose Singapore but if money is an issue or if you are looking to save choose Malaysia

fatandlonely Thu 06-Feb-14 13:16:50

I live in KL and know many people who live in Singapore.

Letslet is correct in that you need an excellent package for Singapore, and even then, you will be pushed to get into one of the established schools like Tanglin.

KL has options for schooling- several new schools becoming established (Desa park school for example) as well as the established Alice Smith or GIS.
I know of several SAHDs here, it will depend on his attitude about breaking in to the mum circles. The expat community is big enough though, there are lots of groups/friend circles, so he would have a lot of options.
Housing def cheaper than Singapore esp if you are happy to go outside the very expat-y areas.

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