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What to buy and in which Country!

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Kazdon Wed 05-Feb-14 14:09:40

Giving Birth in Qatar, Doha in June but currently live in London, UK. I will be travelling over in March when I will be around 7 months pregnant. Currently trying to get myself as organised as I can. Heard baby things, pushchair, crib etc are expensive in Doha and choice limited and advised to get things in London. Can't figure out what to buy here in London or wait until I get to Qatar. Also I am limited by my 40kg limit when flying with Qatar airlines and been told I can't carry on a car seat, stroller for free without having a actual baby!
Can anyone calm by anxious overwhelmed brain??

Nittynana Thu 06-Feb-14 01:48:24

Can you not order online for delivery to qatar for the big things?
Then buy clothes etc in london.
Good luck

BubblesAreGreat Thu 06-Feb-14 06:37:10

Things are more expensive, but probably cheaper than buying then in London and shipping them over. You will be able to choose from quite a few places, Mothercare, Babyshop or IKEA for example for a cot, highchair etc. And also lots of choice for prams. Plus with so many people coming and going all the time, always lots to buy locally 2nd hand like travel cots, jumperoo's etc.

MrsGubbins Thu 06-Feb-14 09:01:11

I'm in Dubai and from what I've been told the choice here is much larger than in Doha and I would advise people to buy in the UK. It'll be cheaper for a start but that is irrelevant if you have to pay excess baggage to get it over there. The main issue will be with choice and availability of brands that you're familiar with and trust. Do you know what stroller and car seat you want?
Are you moving over with your husband's work? see if they will pay for shipping, you can also look into the cargo service at the airport.
Are you going to use your full 40kg baggage allowance? A car seat in a box will be about 10kg.. my sister brought one over on Emirates and wasn't travelling with a child, she just checked it in as part of her baggage allowance.
Also some Amazon sites will deliver pushchairs out here, I ordered a double and a single baby jogger from the US and had it delivered to the UAE, so that's an option.. the shipping wasn't bad.

Kazdon Thu 06-Feb-14 19:24:17

Thanks all. Yes coming over with a husband's work but not shipping stuff put until after probation period over.Baby could have arrived by this point so am going to need some things. The price of excess baggage is ridiculous per kilo so probably won't take that option.Like the idea of using Amazon as the US have some great deals on Queniborough Mood and a free maxi cost car seat which I like.If these are accessible in Doha then I guess no problem as I know they are sold in the Mother care over here.I will buy clothes over here but hard to predict how big I am going to get. Thanks again for responding.

MrsGubbins Fri 07-Feb-14 15:33:34

well if you know what you want go on the doha forum of expat woman and ask on there if you can get those brands in Qatar.

good luck with it all

Kazdon Mon 10-Feb-14 10:16:13

Thanks ladies.Your advice has been much appreciated and will follow up on some things suggested.

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