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Permanent Medication in Brussels

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LivFran Mon 23-Dec-13 00:08:53

Hi Everyone

We are hopefully moving to Brussells next year and have posted here before. Thanks runningmad for all your help.

I have a question reference permanent medication in Belguim. Here in the UK we buy the prepayment certificate, I think it's about £120, but means all Hubby's meds are free. I know we have to join a Mutuelle when we move to Brussels. But does anyone on permanent medication or know of anyone on permanent medication, know how it works in Belgium? We're just a bit worried its going to be expensive.


rushingrachel Mon 23-Dec-13 09:46:09

I think it depends what the medicine is and whether you have extra insurance.

My son had to have ongoing and extremely expensive medication for an immunity problem for several years. The professor at the hospital sent a certificate to the medecin conseil at the mutuelle who then gave an accord for the medication that lasted 2 years and we paid nothing or pretty much nothing. You have to be organised to make sure you get the certificate when it's due for renewal as the pharmacist needs it. So if it's that type of medication you wouldn't pay.

On the other hand if it's "normal" medication on repeat you will pay, but not shelf price. I have asthma and have inhalers on repeat prescription and do have to pay for those, but it's pretty subsidised by the mutuelle and not that much. About 10 euro for ventolin and becotide.

Some employer insurances cover the costs that are not covered by mutuelle.

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