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1 week holiday.. Auckland or Wellington?

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LostInAusNation Sat 21-Dec-13 14:22:37

We have 2 preschoolers and are heading to NZ for a week late Jan. There are deals in Auckland and Wellington. I think Wellington seems theoretically better as u can walk most places and will really only b there 5 days. OH likes Auckland as... guess.. Wellington too windy n colder(is it?) But Auckland too spread out for short break... help?

ClearlyMoo Sun 22-Dec-13 08:07:39

I've been to & loved both. Auckland does have bits you can walk around, and a gorgeous harbour area. You can take ferry to Devonport which is fab and quaint and kids will love Ferry. Stay somewhere Downtown so you can get to harbour and look at boat. I went Whale watching from Auckland, and to some nice beaches. Would hiring a car be an option? Wellington is wet & windy but does depend on time of year. Boat trips from there too! NZ is lovely! Enjoy!

TheFunStopsHere Mon 23-Dec-13 03:33:04

Both are great. Auckland you could also go to Waiheke Island. Wellington you could also go to the South Island.
Both offer a lot, but for 5 days I think it comes down to two points:
1. Does the weather matter to you? Would you want to spend much time at the beach? If yes, go to Auckland.
2. Will you have a car? If no, and you want to get out and about a lot, I'd go to Wellington.
And then plan to go to the other city next time you come to NZ!

runawaysimba Mon 23-Dec-13 03:39:32

I'm a Wellingtonian, just moved back after years on Auckland, so my vote would be Wellington. Late Jan is the best time, weather wise, here - it's when summer seems to really hit in Wellington and you can be fairly confident of calm warm days. Auckland in late Jan is stinkingly humid.

MrsTerrysChocolateOrange Mon 23-Dec-13 03:44:46

About the wind in Wellington... Wellington blows but at least it doesn't suck like Auckland. Boom boom. I preferred Wellington.

AngryBeaver Mon 23-Dec-13 03:46:50

Auckland and day trip to Waiheke island. All the best people live there wink

ShanghaiDiva Mon 23-Dec-13 13:07:58

Wellington has the fabulous te papa (sp?) museum and I prefer it to Auckland.

LuubyLuu Thu 26-Dec-13 08:59:53

Wellington. More to do for pre-schoolers: waterfront, Te Papa, Cable Car, Botanic Gardens, ferry over to Days Bay for ice-cream, Museum of City and Sea. Beaches all over and easily accessible by bus (Lyall Bay my fave).

schokolade Sat 28-Dec-13 06:41:50

Vote for Auckland. Some great day trips to various islands. Waiheke, Tiritiri Matangi, Kawau, etc. Be careful in the sun wherever you go though - it is much, much stronger than most other places and you WILL burn in a few minutes without sun screen, and a couple of hours with it.

vvviola Sat 28-Dec-13 07:03:11

Another vote for Auckland - day trips to Islands, up the coast if you have a car, Devonport by ferry. Museum. Aquarium, maritime museum , MOTAT (transport museum).

Lovely city, lots to see and do.

GhettoPrincess001 Sat 28-Dec-13 07:13:29

Wellington has the National Museum (Te Papa) it's excellent and it's free.

You can ride the funicular cable car from the main street in Wellington to Kelburn for a nominal fee, the journey is about 15 mins. You can walk back to town through the botanical gardens if you don't want to ride the funicular back.

You can walk along the boardwalk at Wellington Harbour for a good view of the sea.

There's a pedestrian foot bridge called, 'City to sea' that goes from the square outside of Wellington Library to the boardwalk.

Zealandia is an animal park/zoo.

Sibble Sat 28-Dec-13 07:36:19

I think either would be good. Weather should be fine in both at that time of the year. Wellington would possibly be easier to get around by public transport. Both have museums, both have access to good beaches, water front is good at both and likely to have free entertainment as end of Jan is still school holidays.

I live in Auckland so it would get my thumbs up: swimming pools are free (not sure about Wellington), ferry to Devonport, Waiheke and Rangitoto all fantastic and good for pre-schoolers, sky tower good (but expensive), Butterfly Creek good (near airport but not sure how you would get there without a car - ? bus).

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