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Shall we have another "Forrin" Christmas thread?

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CrystalDeCanter Thu 21-Nov-13 01:16:16

I'm just starting to get my head around Christmas this year.

We are hosting Pils and Bils family, I want to make it nice (obvs) but still struggle a bit with the Aussie Christmas thing - Oh yes, I'm in Australia, but thread open to global displaced masses grin.

Tell me what you'll be eating, where you'll be, temperatures, traditions new and old - do you import British traditions to your new place or adapt to the new country?

To kick us off I'd like to say . . .

As holly and ivy and ALL winter decos seem a bit odd here I was thinking of decorating our garden with these kinds of things. It will be sunny and warm here (hopefully) so was thinking of doing an outdoor treasure hunt for the kids.

lisianthus Sat 14-Dec-13 08:25:56

Christmas in Perth- just got the tree and the house smells all piney! Will decorate it with strings of popcorn and gingerbread shapes and other things not harmful to marauding toddlers. Seeing a Christmas performance of Peter Pan by the West Australian ballet tomorrow. On Christmas Eve, we will have a picnic out on the lawn until late while the children try to spot Father Christmas among all the stars (and DH checks the Norad Santa tracker!).

The day itself starts with a big fruit salad made from all the gorgeous fruit in season now, cherries, apricots, peaches, strawberries and so on, with a glass of chilled fizz. Having a big ham on the bone for lunch (which I am glazing with a dijon and brown sugar glaze), crayfish, prawns, lots of different salads and trifle to follow. Lots of ham leftovers for the following week, yay!

The children are getting outdoor toys to play with on the grass and the paddling pool to make the most of the weather, and there will probably be a water pistol/bubble fight on the lawn in the late afternoon. Then on with the rest of the long school holidays to mark the end of the year, full of things like tennis and swimming for the children, and fireworks in the gorgeous warm scented evenings for things like New Year and the Festival of Perth. I love the evenings, as the neighbourhood is full of blooming roses, jasmine, murreya and gardenias at this time of year.

CrystalDeCanter Sat 14-Dec-13 08:40:21

Lisianthus that sounds lovely. I'm loving all the stories on here.

Although envious of the snow, as this will be my 7th Christmas here, contrary to what I stated in the OP I've now totally got into the swing of it. We put the tree up today and I blasted Maria Carey's Christmas Album blush out and loved every second. Strangely DH not so happy.

I bought those pom poms and they are gorgeous, will put them in the trees next week, it's going to be 40 degrees on Thursday (ugh) so am hoping they wont self combust and start a bush fire.

lisianthus Sat 14-Dec-13 08:48:24

Ooh! Pom-poms sound like a great idea!

Am loving this thread and now want some feijoa vodka. Last time I was in the snow I was heavily pregnant and slipped and fell flat on my face in the middle of London, breaking my glasses, so v happy without the snow, tbh.

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