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Passport Office fuck up (1st child passport) means Christmas is cancelled...

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Umlauf Tue 12-Nov-13 17:47:40

... and DSs Christening.

He was born at the end of September. Knowing it would take 6 weeks to apply for his passport I rang the passport office before his birth to triple check what we would need. Was given a list over the phone.

Rang back after his birth to confirm again as was ready to send everything off. Was told to add his four grandparents' birth and marriage certificates to envelope. As these now had to be ordered urgently they were at a cost of 25 pounds each (Spoke to 2 different people at both gave a different list of required contents, but went with the longest list.)

Obtained birth certificates exactly 6 weeks before our flights home for Christmas. Rang a fourth time to go through everything. Everything ticked off and ok to send, hurrah!

Yesterday we get an email to say they need his Spanish birth certificate as well as the international one the previous four people said was the correct one. This needs to be officially translated first which takes 3 days. By the time its done there will be 3 weeks until our flights, not to mention the one week postage time either way..

We're not going are we. Our friends and family aren't going to meet DS, all DHs (and my!) Christmas presents are there, I'll have to cancel his Christening... The total costs of the palaver comes to over a grand now taking the flights, passport crap and car hire into account.. Plus my grandfather is pretty ill and I'm not sure he'll even get to meet his first and only great grandchild now..

How do I complain? On the phone they keep fobbing me off. I'm really upset. I know its a first world problem, but still!

Clutterbugsmum Thu 21-Nov-13 16:52:14

So glad you have the passport, and can have the christmas and christening you have planned.

PontyPants Thu 21-Nov-13 16:55:12

Enjoy your christmas

HopeForTheBest Thu 21-Nov-13 17:56:35

smile Yay!

CiderwithBuda Thu 21-Nov-13 22:47:10


Tonixx97 Tue 10-Dec-13 14:59:28

I have the exact same problem with the passport my little cousin has got cancer hes only 7 i have tried for a spanish passport they told me i hes not entitled to a spanish passport unless me or my partner are spanish i now have to wait till after christmass for his passport he was born 23 september after getting his libro de familia an bc sort have finally sent off for a passport i rung the embassy up 5 times i was getting told diffrent things by everyone at the embassy they told me i can get an emergancy passport i went for 1 an got sent away i also have to get back to see doctors as the spanish hosspitals are now refusing to see i had a really bad time in labour i had an epedural they gave me to much wich caused me to have a fit since having the babby i have been blacking out everytime i go to hospital they send me away its awfull the way they treat people

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