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New York, New York!

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Zorra Fri 01-Nov-13 23:44:03

Solve just been offered a great job for a year in in NYC! But major major think through needed before I accept - I thought there was no chance I'd get it, hence no pre-research.

I'm a single mum to 4yo DS and 5 month old DD. they want me there in January, so I could go earlier and set up home - my mum will come for two months preparation. I have no idea where to start, where to live, or how to find a school or nanny. I think my DS is too young for kindergarten in the States? Any ideas how or where to start? I don't get allowances, but the salary is ok. I'm wondering whether I will have to turn it down because of the logistics, but it is my dream job, so I'm really grateful for any advice! The only thing I do know is that the office is in UN Plaza <outs self> for those who can help me consider location. Thanks x

Lighthousekeeping Fri 01-Nov-13 23:46:58

I can't help but I'm so bloody jealous. Go for it!

ecuse Fri 01-Nov-13 23:52:43

Not much advice on moving overseas with a family but I spent a year there in late 20s doing a masters and had an absolute ball. I'm super jealous. Just do it. Logistics will sort themselves. US workers get sod-all maternity leave, so I'm certain that childcare options will be available. Just do your sums before you go to make sure you're going to be able to afford it, and GO FOR IT!

Zorra Fri 01-Nov-13 23:52:58

Aw thanks, Lighthouse. I'm trying to keep thinking about how ecstatic I am to have been offered the job and not just start bricking it about how hard it's going to be!

Lighthousekeeping Fri 01-Nov-13 23:54:41

It's hard here anyway. You might as well be there. I'm going for the weekend soon. Can't bloody wait!

InTheFace Sat 02-Nov-13 00:20:46


I live here, have a 19mo DD. As with everything, the answers to your questions depend on how much money you're prepared to throw at them. 4 yo DS will be the right age for pre-Kindergarten. You are probably not eligible for for public pre-K (as it's known), and even if you were there are way, way fewer spots than children. I'd forget it if I were you. You could stick with daycare or nursery. Don't know about the former but the latter could cost you anything from a few thousand $ for the year, to twenty-odd grand. In sought after areas, you are not guaranteed to get a spot even if you have the money, but everyone finds something. Frankly, given the huge upheavals your children will go through, I imagine they won't need the extra boost of the top level daycare/nursery. It will all be a learning experience, anywhere clean and convenient should do!

5mo DD could go to the same daycare/nursery as DS. Oddly, you stand better odds of getting one of them in because you'll be wanting to send them both in.

Reading the above through, it sounds a bit scary. I don't mean it to be! It can all be done, and you would have an amazing time, but it will pay to do your research from home, and do as much of the ringing around/emailing admissions people before you get here. I would be optimistic, you will definitely find something that fits.

You could google daycare/nurseries in midtown (assuming you will be living nearby, as many UN employees do), and take it from there. Bear in mind applications are going in now for the Sept 2014-2015 school year, so make clear this is an exceptional case. Also, I think the UN has its own resources. Other websites are (but beware, this site makes MN look like Netmums, it's brutal!), MeetUp (for when you get here),

A year here doing your dream job would be AWESOME. This is a great city, and (contrary to popular belief), also great for young children. Anything is possible here, if you want to come you can, and have a great time.

Good luck!

Want2bSupermum Mon 04-Nov-13 00:14:19

Your first priority is to get daycare for your youngest child. The elder one isn't a problem. Here in NJ the state ratio os 4:1 for that age group. A lot of places only have 12 places because the staffing costs are so high. Expect to pay $2000+/month for the 5 month old and $1200+/month for your preschooler.

You might want to be in Brooklyn or Queens to keep overheads down and I think the options for daycare are better in these areas compared to the immediate area around the UN (Tudor Place is a good spot in Manhattan but it is very expensive).

As Face says NYC is a great city and if you want to make it work you can do. We have two and live in surburan NJ.

helzapoppin2 Mon 04-Nov-13 19:03:59

Hi, I lived in Washington for five years. It sounds like a great opportunity and you would see amazing places and meet some wonderful people!
I would just say find out about the healthcare package they are offering you and your DCs. It's all important, and pretty much the same as having private healthcare here, except there is no NHS equivalent. We were on DHs insurance which was excellent cover, but each visit to the Docs or hospital you had a copay of $20 and each prescription also carried a copay of $20 per item. This is not a fixed amount. Depending on your insurance it could be a lot more, so it's something to find out!
Also, the healthcare is much more all embracing than here. Tests, blood tests, scans etc. it can end up as a full time job! I only know it cost a lot, whereas here it doesn't!

Zorra Mon 04-Nov-13 20:27:00

Thanks for the tips. I asked on urban baby, and also through friends, and the consensus is that I would struggle to live on the salary I've been offered sad I've asked them for some more money (or benefits) so fingers crossed!

Lighthousekeeping Mon 04-Nov-13 20:37:31

Is a nanny an option? Do you get any maintenance from their dad?

BlingBang Thu 07-Nov-13 11:18:43

Would it only be a year? Sounds like a big move, leaving support and friends , especially being a single mum to such young children. A year will flash by and doubt you would really get to live the New York lifestyle in a fun way. If it was longer then it would be different.

MrMeaner Wed 20-Nov-13 18:23:54

Could be too late to this conversation, but Roosevelt Island is a location a lot of UN employees choose - rent much cheaper than Manhattan itself and good for kids. Only 30 minutes to the offices.

Some of the apartments there have their own daycare centres.

Downside is you miss out a small bit on the vibrancy of Manhattan itself, but I'm assuming you won't be partying every night...

Would be easier to assess if you could give an indication of salary - if it is the UN, don't forget that's tax free, so cash in hand will be much better than people assume based on base salary. Also, depending on contract you could get some housing allowance...

UNgirl Tue 03-Dec-13 17:34:58

Hi Zorra

Hope I'm not too late!

I've NC-ed for this as don't want to out myself. I'm UN as well (also UN plaza - are you at DC1/2 or UNICEF?). We live in Queens which as an easy commute to midtown. You could consider Jackson Heights, Sunnyside/Woodside, Forest Hills, Rego Park or Kew Gardens. Lots of UN workers live in these areas. Brooklyn is expensive and further. Roosevelt Island is also possible (tons of UN people) and there are relatively cheap (for Manhattan) apartments towards East Harlem and the river.

The biggest problem for you will be daycare - pre-K for the older one but especially for the littlest. If you're international, you may get help from next year for the older one for private school when he starts K (although you've missed the deadlines for most, UNIS in Queens or Manhattan will accept your application as a UN family).

I'm not sure if you can ask for more money, it's all set in stone, but push to be assessed as further up the 'steps'. So if they've put you down as P-4 step 1, you can argue that you should be step 2.

Urban baby is insane btw. People there struggle on incmes of over $1 million!!!

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