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Medical insurance

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dizzy34 Thu 06-Jul-06 13:39:53

I know that the answer is probably No, but thought i would ask anyway. We would like to emigrate and have family in the usa, canada and austrailia but our youngest child has a very rare medical condition, is on several medications and has a short life expectancy. Would we be able to get medical cover for him? Thanks everyone

jabberwocky Thu 06-Jul-06 16:31:18

In the US it would depend on what company you or your husband worked for. A large company probably wouldn't be an issue. Other than that, I think you are looking at a difficult situation, unfortunately.

GOod luck and HTH

starchildmum Wed 31-Aug-11 08:52:38

of course. check out dkv globality

chloeb2002 Wed 31-Aug-11 21:48:00

I can only talk about Australia.. but... I'd suggest even getting residency here with ds having have big health issue will be somewhere between a very long slow application and impossible.... my Ds was born in Australia with some brain abnormalities ( non life threatening) but have left him with cerebral palsy, learning delay and developmental delays... and our PR application was complex.. we had to prove he could go to mainsteam education when old enough as a number one priority... followed by proving he would contribute to the Aus economy as an adult.. ( would be able to work) we did get him through the procces with some clever... manipulation of the wording of the application... and alot of support from his specialists...Our helath insurance excludes anything for pre existing 12 months then we can claim for anything relating to pre existing conditions. We are eligable for medicare.

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