Vaccinations and schools in Italy.

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ItalianNewbie Mon 28-Oct-13 16:34:37

We are looking for a preschool / nursery for our 3 year old, but I only what her to go for a few mornings a week, is this possible and do you have to be a resident?
Also I have been told that she need to have all her vaccinations but they are different to the ones in the UK, one of which is now due. But as we are not residence so we don't have a doctor, not sure who to ask. Also our 1 year old is due for her first year jabs which I have been told they don't have here. Is it worth flying back to England just for the Jabs?

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chocolatemartini Mon 28-Oct-13 17:36:11

Haven't lived in Italy but for some reason I was curious so googled and got this. Hopefully someone who lives there will have more info and advice for you

ClairesTravellingCircus Mon 28-Oct-13 22:33:02


Re nurseries, it very much depends on where you live. Without residency you wint be able to apply for local authority run nurseries (comune), but only private ones. Most do every day (part time or full time). But some places have a lighter version called "spazio gioco", that are less hours and no lunch. But it all depends on the area you are in.

Jabs are mostly the same, bit sometimes given at slitghly different ages. The only extra one is Hepatitis B.
They are in theory compulsory, but again different regions have different rules, and there may be ways around it.
How long are you staying? If you or your partner work there and you stay for longer than 6 months you're supposed to get residency.

DrankSangriaInThePark Tue 29-Oct-13 06:44:02

I know that all the schools (both scuola maternal and elementare) (dd is now in the latter) put that all vaccinations and proof thereof is obligatory to be able to enrol...That said, I wasn't asked for any proof in either of them!

Where I am, chicken pox is another addition to the UK standard list, but I know it's not offered in all regions. What are the 1 yr jabs in the UK? Just checked dd's medical book and at 12 mths she had polio/hepatitis B/Hib/Dtap (diphtheria/tetanus/whooping cough)

You need to have a certificate of residence for lots of things- so I'd just go and get one. Think of the fun you'll have queuing for 6 days an hour or so at the Town Hall! I imagine though, if you have codice fiscali you would be able to enrol at a nursery. I think it would be considered very unusual to only go a few days a week though. Scuola materna is much more of a formal education system (though obv play based) than UK nursery. (Which is why scuola elementare doesn't start until 6 here, because they do the reception style stuff at materna)

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