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(Probably) moving to Zurich.

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NaturalBaby Thu 10-Oct-13 14:19:39

DH has been headhunted, interviewed and pretty much offered a job in Zurich. He is thrilled.
I have struggled as a sahm for the last few years and spent the last year rebuilding my life to a point where things are pretty good for me and the dc's...see where this is going?!
We've just moved into our dream house, the dc's are in a fantastic private school with lovely friends and equally lovely parents.
Please tell me about living in Zurich with 3 boys and help me see how fantastic this opportunity is.

NaturalBaby Sun 15-Dec-13 22:51:57

Job, house, school all sorted. Ds1 has a place at the local school, my 4yr old will spend some time at home till he's allowed to start KG in August and we're planning on moving mid February.

We're wondering now if we can manage without a car for a few months. I mainly use mine for the school run (so won't be needed in Baden) and the food shop at the moment.

beresh Tue 17-Dec-13 09:15:01

Good luck with your move! We didn't get a car right away and managed with Mobility car sharing, for doing stuff like day trips to the mountains/ikea/big shopping trips. But if you want to ski this winter I'd get a car right away as it's hard work with kids and all the stuff.

NaturalBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 22:38:59

How do we find out about what there is to do with little kids in the area? I got a phone call from the health visitor last time I moved and there are loads of toddler groups/preschool classes to keep my kids busy but how do you find out what there is to do in a new town in a new country?

I'm also wondering about shopping and thinking about stocking up on things here before we move. We have lots of discount stores and big supermarkets open 24/7 in our town so it's easy to nip out and get anything but how will I won't even know where to go for cheap craft supplies for the kids/clothes/random household items/contact lenses?

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