What's the Australian/Qld equivalent of HMRC for state pension contributions?

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Erebus Tue 10-Sep-13 10:07:42

I paid into it in Qld for 10 years until 10 years ago and want to be sure they have my current address. Unfortunately all the paperwork regarding it disappeared in a box of similar that went missing when we emigrated back to the UK!


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chloeb2002 Tue 10-Sep-13 16:30:16

Won't it depend who your superannuation is with? You can go to find my super ... And they track down any super you have?

Erebus Tue 10-Sep-13 20:23:22

I'm looking for Australian equivalent of the UK state pension, what you pay your NI towards in the UK.

However, it appears that DH & I, as we're now living in teh UK, will get no Australian state pension (despite DH paying into it for 25 years and me, 12). The Oz govt ended its reciprocal arrangement in 2001 because the UK govt wouldn't pay UK pensioners then living in Oz their state pension index linked to rises in the UK, just at the rate they were due the day they left the UK. So, for some reason, the Australian government appears to have decided to stop paying any Australian accrued state pension to any Australian living in the UK...

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MadonnaKebab Wed 18-Sep-13 03:18:04

I don't think there is a state pension equivalent here

The nearest NI equivalent is the Medicare levy, which covers NHS equivalent only

Your employer would have been paying Superannuation contributions of 10%of salary for you, which will provide your private pension ( even if the employer was Govt) You will still get this, but it is instead of a state pension, not as well as

There is a means-tested old age pension but this is not contribution-dependent and in a few years time most people will be ineligible for it due to the build up of Superannuation over the last 20 plus years

I think this used to transferable to the UK but only if you retired in Aus first and were eligible, ie no other income, so I doubt you would have been eligible if the Pre-2001 rules still applied

chloeb2002 Wed 18-Sep-13 20:46:22

Just went through my pay slip.. Definitely no ni equivalent contributions on it. As above the plan has been to remove the state benefit for most people. It's now a benefit similar to income support. Not an aged pension that ni in the uk gives you. Ultimately you don't pay into any gov fund so nothing to pay out.

Sucksoutthejoy Wed 18-Sep-13 20:51:17

The Oz equivalent to the state pension is employer superannuation payments. This fund can be transferred to a UK pension fund or paid out (subject to tax) if you are no longer resident in Oz. We have just left Australia and intend to reclaim our super as a lump sum payment. As someone else mentioned there is a Find my Super tool on the ATO website.

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