Anyone NOT in NZ, Oz or Europe???

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Salbertina Sun 01-Sep-13 19:29:22

Just saying... Feels a little lonely, thats all!

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Fi2013 Sun 01-Sep-13 20:19:50

I used to be in SA (like you i believe) but back in the UK! We have been talking about going back to Cape Town.... But staying put for the moment

How are you doing the othe side of the ocean?

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 02-Sep-13 02:14:32

smile know how you feel……am in Asia so we usually do get a bit more traffic/new threads.
I loved the foreign correspondent's thread that was running a couple of years ago (although was just a lurker)….want to start one?

NatashaBee Mon 02-Sep-13 03:01:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmericasTorturedBrow Mon 02-Sep-13 05:41:50

I'm in US too - there are a couple of us but the thread continually dies (less than 250 posts for 2013 I think?)

AmericasTorturedBrow Mon 02-Sep-13 05:42:11

Where are you OP?

Mixxy Mon 02-Sep-13 05:43:41

The US.


JoandMax Mon 02-Sep-13 05:51:44

I'm in Dubai, there's quite a few of us here I think

bubbleandbubble Mon 02-Sep-13 06:12:08

I'm in Hong Kong, only been here a week so still at that roller coaster stage

Shanghaidiva Mon 02-Sep-13 06:14:34

I'm in china.

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 02-Sep-13 08:40:24

Welcome bubble! A few if us in HK but everyone just returning from the summer exodus....
Must try the hong kong moms/southside moms FB pages. Lots of great practical info!

SunshineandShandy Mon 02-Sep-13 11:21:21

I'm in the Middle East.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Mon 02-Sep-13 12:30:46

I'm in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Moms is okay for practical stuff but a bit boring now because if you're not super-supportive you get your wrists slapped. Occasionally there's a helper/ vaccinations/ natural birth spat but they're getting rarer. These people would die if they saw the responses on AIBU grin.

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 02-Sep-13 12:42:28

Looool Richman, am one of the contrarians…I now know to steer clear of the helpers threads!

Saltedcaramellavacake Mon 02-Sep-13 13:53:17

Hi from Singapore!

butterfliesinmytummy Mon 02-Sep-13 14:00:58

Im in the US, just arrived from Singapore. There used to be lots more Singapore threads too.....

Salbertina Mon 02-Sep-13 14:05:18

Hello everyone! Great range we are too!

I remember that Foreign Correspondent type thread a while back too, loved it. Agree, we should resurrect it! maybe should let those in NZ, Oz & Europe on too if they promise not to over-run the place wink

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Salbertina Mon 02-Sep-13 14:05:46

And am in Southern Africa

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Saltedcaramellavacake Mon 02-Sep-13 14:13:23

Maybe the Facebook groups have taken over as the place to ask questions (we also have one in SG that gets very excited about helper threads!).

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Mon 02-Sep-13 14:17:46

I think it's to be expected. The FB boards are faster moving just because there are more respondents and they're on the same time zone so for dingle practical questions like ' where can i buy manuka honey in lantau' it works better. however, I like the mn boards for more detailed answers and to chew the fat. You can't have a really good discussion on fb. Plus fb isn't anonymous so you can't really have ' life's shit and I want to go home days'

Salbertina Mon 02-Sep-13 14:26:36

Goodness! Lantau changed somewhat since i knew it in the 90s- paddyfields, waterbuffalo on the beach, weekenders' karaoke bbqs and v basic fish restaurants where the washing up was done by hosepipe! Has it moved with the times?! wink and do they still have those knackered old ferries to Mui Wo or it it all hitech?

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RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Mon 02-Sep-13 14:29:45

Ha ha- most of it is still pretty rural but tung Chung and discovery bay are very developed. Mui Wo now has a fast ferry service- wowzers! - and a few decent restaurants and I think there's even a boutique hotel there now and a glamping site.

zimbomaman Mon 02-Sep-13 14:34:15

I'm in Europe but would much rather be 'home' near you Salbertina.

Salbertina Mon 02-Sep-13 14:35:05

Inevitable, but glamping & boutique hotel? Makes me a little hmm
How do you like HK? I loved/hated it, so intense!

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Salbertina Mon 02-Sep-13 14:36:32

Zimbo, must be from Zim, hey? Beautiful, beautiful country tho many of your country folk flooded here, in their millions, probably.

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