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advice on settling in to Sydney please!

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mashedswede Mon 26-Aug-13 04:36:50

First time poster here - hope I get it right! I would love some support/ wise words of advice from anyone in same boat or with experience of moving abroad with children.

So - after 2 years of intense planning we have finally moved to Sydney. This was primarily driven by me rather than my DH and I knew it might be more difficult for my 7 year old dd than for us but didn't really anticipate any real problems.

DD is an only child and is usually happy to be out and about with us but she spent much of this last weekend saying how she hates me and she would do anything to be back home sad. As we don't really know many other people here yet she was on her own with me and DH and she didn't spend any time with other children. I think this was difficult for her - at home she would usually play with friends over the weekend.

I feel awful - I guess that her behaviour is normal to an extent? She has never been this rude and horrible to me before. Is it just her way of expressing her loss of friends and familiarity and things will get better? I would love to hear any useful tips on how to support her and help her adjust to life in Sydney.

We spent the first two weeks doing holiday type activities and now my DH has started work and she has started school so it feels a bit more like 'normal life' but we still don't have our stuff as it is in a container and won't be here for another 2- 3 weeks. We are doing indoor camping in our new flat and the novelty has worn off and I am feeling a bit lost..........Thanks for reading

HighFibreDiet Mon 16-Sep-13 11:03:54

Hey mashedswede I know what it's like. My ds1 found it really hard settling in. He was 8 1/2 when we moved over. I am in Manly too, and probably on the same fb page as ninehours. I'm rarely on mumsnet any more but if you send me a pm it will go to my e-mail. Happy to meet up for a coffee sometime (Wednesdays best).

FrozenYogurt, Manly is a great place for families especially with young children. I bet you will love it.

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