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London vs Sydney salaries advice

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AndIFeedEmGunpowder Thu 15-Aug-13 07:32:12

We currently live/work in London (zone2) but DH has been offered a job in Sydney by his old boss. I love the idea of a new experience, but having read through all the old threads, I am wary of how expensive Sydney now is.

Old Boss has asked DH for a number. Much as I'd love to go there, only want to do it if we will be better off! Would you just convert the salary he wants or add a bit on? How much higher do you reckon Sydney salaries are than London?

We only have a baby DC so no school to worry about. Any other advice very welcome!

chloeb2002 Fri 16-Aug-13 07:37:44

Sydney is expensive but like anywhere it depends where you choose to live. Look for suburbs similar to where you live now. I guess in Sydney is like $200k a year! ( like but i wouldn't need it) our combined income in Brisbane is about that. But we have 4 kids, big mortgage, renovations, au pair, I think with one baby at home you would be more than fine at that!

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Fri 16-Aug-13 09:05:15

Thanks for replying chloe. Have been looking at maps and rentals, all very exciting and heartening to hear that everywhere is not crazily expensive if you choose carefully.

DH has asked for 25% more money than he would for a London job so we'll see what comes back!

Thanks so much for your advice and good luck with your renovations.

Mosman Fri 16-Aug-13 14:50:54

No no no he want at least 1.6 x his current salary and then double it.
We do have four children but on $185,000 between us, we are living a very frugal lifestyle.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Fri 16-Aug-13 15:03:49

Really Mosman?! Eek!

Is the 1.6 to exchange it to aus$? So in real terms double his UK salary? Am frantically texting DH saying 'say we need big living allowance too!' grin

Thanks so much btw smile

WhereNext Sat 17-Aug-13 04:29:06

In Sydney $200k to be comfortable. We are on $150 and have to live very carefully (i.e 2 bed flat in nice area). We have 3 kids mind, but babies are expensive too if you need to add childcare in the mix.

OnlyMeHereNow Sat 17-Aug-13 04:34:52

From what I gather, (not in Aus) double is about right. Remember, they are asking you to relocate - this should mean that you gain financially, not meet ends.

AllThreeWays Sat 17-Aug-13 05:33:13

We are comfortable in Canberra on $190000. The only high cost in Sydney is rent/housing.

AllThreeWays Sat 17-Aug-13 05:36:56

^higher cost.
I think Mosman has/had a nanny and lives in an expensive suburb in Perth. Hardly frugal

Mosman Sat 17-Aug-13 05:43:20

My Childcare costs are around $600 per week - no government assistance which you might get with PR and our rent is $650 so yes it's a lovely suburb but we live in the worse house in the best street.
After tax and that little lot there's the $500 a week in grocerys at least and that's on a good week.
We've never been so poor whilst earning so much :-)

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sat 17-Aug-13 07:15:25

Thank you all for replying. WhereNext good to know what is possible. I think I will look after our baby as it sounds like what I make wouldn't cover the childcare! Btw does anyone know if there are baby groups like in Uk where I'd meet other mums or is that a whole other thread?

OnlyMeHereNow you've hit the nail about being better off than we are in London! Double the salary seems like a good rule of thumb.

AllThreeWays yep, I suppose you can vaguely find ways round everything apart from rent. DH has been told this is the same as London but seems much higher to me >readjusts expectations of swimming pools< smile

Mosman $500 on groceries! shock Wowzers.

Thank you all so much for your input. Only friends out there either don't have DC or have bonkers $400k+ salaries so are on a different page. It's good to hear what you all think flowers

AllThreeWays Sat 17-Aug-13 08:46:55

We spend $400 a fortnight on groceries, 2 adults 1DS

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sat 17-Aug-13 10:03:24

Thanks AllThreeWays.

WhereNext Sat 17-Aug-13 11:25:43

Yep, $250/wk groceries for us, family of 5! Rent is $650/wk, need to spend $1000/wk for a decent house where I am. Loads of playgroups/lovely parks for little children's/library, so plenty of opportunity to make friends. It's a lovely part of the world smile

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sat 17-Aug-13 18:38:07

It sounds gorgeous even though it is expensive!

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Sat 17-Aug-13 18:42:15

The Sydney salary for my job is nearly twice the equivalent in UK pounds. Remember many UK salaries have been kept artificially low for years.

chloeb2002 Sat 17-Aug-13 20:24:48

Even on a 457 you get childcare allowance. You do have to be working to claim tho! $600 is a huge amount on childcare. I opt for an au pair. I work 3 days a weeks. They get $120 a week plus board lodging etc. they are more than happy with that!
Really .... Like anything... You spend what you have. Or don't have. The average australian wage income is $75k (family)

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sat 17-Aug-13 21:41:09

Tondelayo that's a good point, we have got so used to recession in the UK we haven't noticed salaries have stagnated.

Chloe au-pair sounds l

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sat 17-Aug-13 21:42:53

Aargh my fat fingers and Iphone don't mix! Meant to say, Chloe, an au pair sounds like a good solution if I go back to work in the future smile

newbiefrugalgal Sat 17-Aug-13 22:16:07

Do an online shop for Coles and you will get a feel for your families shopping budget. It is an eye opener compares to uk.

GertBySea Sat 17-Aug-13 22:22:20

But bear in mind you'll probably eat more fresh stuff here. The choice of packaged stuff is quite limited- one or two brands per thing and also ready meals are a pretty recent invention. But the fruit and vegetable area of a supermarket looks like an Italian market compared to a UK supermarket. Everything twice the size and twice as fresh.

Mosman Sun 18-Aug-13 00:02:47

You DO NOT get the Childcare allowance or anything else on a 457, please get your facts straight Chloe.
And an au is not Childcare they are not to be used as such or else they lose their visas but more to the point they are usually kids, are you seriously suggesting leaving a toddler and three others with an unqualified teenager 12000 miles from home ? My friend has had some wonderful Su posies but you have to be realistic about their skill set

Mosman Sun 18-Aug-13 00:07:31

Fruit and beg is fucking awful, apples are tasteless, moat of it lasts two days in the fruit bowl. I'm sure it depends on luck of the draw but we've tried farmers markets - very expensive - Coles - rotten - Aussie farmers - same.
I do laugh at how healthier everyone apparently will be when they get here. All the Aussies I work with are about two stone over weight and live off takeaways and beer, meat is stupidly expensive, all fish is frozen they can't even serve you fresh in the top hotels it just can't be done.
When I land at Manchester I shall sit in the airport and just eat for two hours :-)

GertBySea Sun 18-Aug-13 00:46:56

That must be Perth then. I live in Sydney and the fruit and veg is amazing. We have a box delivered every week for $35 and the 4 of us struggle to get through it as there's so much.

My workmates are all pretty healthy, but they are professional / financial services types. I don't know if that makes a difference but they would definitely not need calories to do their jobs.

I am amazed on an almost daily basis how healthy everyone is here. I've lived here 10 years and the fact that at any time or in any weather, the seafront will have at least 20 people running, skating, cycling along it, I find brilliant. At 6am, Manly beach is positively packed with boot camps, joggers, surfers, swimmers and personal trainers. I love it. Not saying all of Sydney or Oz is the same, but we have always lived in the Eastern Suburbs or Northern Beaches and it is definitely a healthier lifestyle here than I have ever known in the South East or the North West of the UK.

When we go back to the North West at Christmas, I will definitely not be enjoying the local cuisine as much, but perhaps that's just my MIL's cooking.

I guess it's just horses for courses.

Mosman Sun 18-Aug-13 01:39:59

That's definitely a Sydney thing, there are gym bunnies in Perth just as there are in Birmingham lol
I think the good on the whole though is awful and expensive and even the CEO of Coles agrees with me grin

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