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considering Emigrating from UK to New Zealand ( NZ ) ..... Advice? thank you

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kariscrennell123 Wed 14-Aug-13 16:49:12

Hey there, myself and my partner have been thinking about emigrating and are toying with the idea of New Zealand. Just hoping for some tips and advice from people like ourselves who have been through the system? and what the out come of life after the UK!

I have been with my partner 3 years and are not married, i have a child from a previous relationship (her father passed away) My partner is a Gas engineer with 10 years work experience behind him aswell as his qualifications. I work as receptionist in an office with 10 years work experience in office admin reception/administration/credit control/customer services, And currently looking at studying towards hairdressing.

Any advice welcome.

Many thanks smile

diamondsagirlsbestfriend Thu 22-Aug-13 08:54:02

Where abouts are you thinking of moving to in NEw Zealand, it depends really but you may want to look at Christchurch though if you want to go to the south island (which i love) as there is a lot of work for tradies right now, but not sure if that includes Gas Engineers?

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