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Following on from another thread. Does anyone on here have IL to Remain, left the UK and returned?

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pocketandsweet Fri 06-Sep-13 14:29:09

Yes but did he have to lie and pretend he was in the country? That would make me feel uncomfortable. If I can be honest then I will do so immediately ( in Canada now but will be travelling back and forth frequently).

Kungfutea Thu 05-Sep-13 00:58:40

Agree that you absolutely should get citizenship. We left the UK and made sure we got citizenship for my husband. IIRC, he didn't have to give in his passport (because it's not a visa stamp). He did have to attned the ceremony and it took nearly exactly 6 months to process.

It's not just a question of being able to move back to the UK - it also opens up all of Europe for you.

newbiefrugalgal Thu 15-Aug-13 23:06:05

But you do have to be in country to receive certificate through council. Can you arrange to be back then, I was given three weeks notice of the ceremony.

newbiefrugalgal Thu 15-Aug-13 23:05:12

Anyone here in the uk who could send your application off for you?
Once received, then apply to get passport back whilst they are deciding?

Btw our application took three weeks! Not up to six months like the letter said!

pocketandsweet Tue 13-Aug-13 18:01:15

I'm leaving in 4 days! I wonder if I was completely honest and explained my situation they would be helpful.

luvmy4kids Tue 13-Aug-13 17:52:41

It says you can submit "a fully certified copy of your documents" to apply for British citizenship, so there you go, don't have to hand over your Canadian passport at all. I cannot see why you cannot do this, unless you're really departing in the next few days and will not be back at all in the next 6 months - 95% of applications decided within 6 months.

Forget immigration reps, use mumsnet!

luvmy4kids Tue 13-Aug-13 17:47:22

If you are using your Canadian passport to apply for British citizenship (you might be able to submit a birth ceritificate, haven't read all instructions), you can apply for it to be returned without withdrawing your application.

pocketandsweet Tue 13-Aug-13 17:44:53

I'm seriously regretting not having just gotten the damn thing before. But they had criteria about how many days you were allowed to be out of the country in the year you applied for citizenship and the only years I qualified were the years I was pregnant ( and I had awful scary pregnancies so was rather preoccupied then and not really thinking Hmm I should apply for citizenship now ).

pocketandsweet Tue 13-Aug-13 17:41:07

I believe that in order to apply I would have to give them my Canadian passport which wouldn't be possible if I was not in the UK. Will be keeping up lots of visits and the house, bank accounts etc though. I did quickly read through the Border Agency stuff posted on the other thread ( they don't make it particularly easy to untangle though).

luvmy4kids Tue 13-Aug-13 17:39:53

It's crazy isn't it?
Oh just claim asylum, no-one can stop you, that's what a few million UK residents did in order to migrate to the UK. I really shouldn't write that but why not, so did more than a million others, so why not you? It would mean you couldn't travel for a while.

luvmy4kids Tue 13-Aug-13 17:37:57

come back to collect, you don't need to tell anyone you've left!

Read the instructions I posted earlier on when to grant /.refuse a re-entry visa.

Come home every 2 years, keep plenty of ties with the UK like money, house, keep mouth shut when asked if you're still living in the UK when coming home or answer with an open answer.

pocketandsweet Tue 13-Aug-13 17:33:08

Won't have time .... I stupidly assumed IL to R was "indefinite"

luvmy4kids Tue 13-Aug-13 17:31:28

Take up British citizenship now and you'd avoid any problems.

pocketandsweet Tue 13-Aug-13 17:08:53

I have lived here nearly 15 years with Indefinite Leave to Remain. We are moving to Canada ( where I am from) but it is unclear whether this will be permanent or for a few years. I had previously assumed this would not be a problem but now having read previous thread I am wondering what I need to do exactly to protect my status. Anyone out there with relevant experience?

We are keeping our house here and renting it out and I can't imagine we won't be back every year for holidays at least. Husband has duel citizenship and children are currently only British citizens but we will apply for duel citizenship for them.

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