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Auntlinny Sat 10-Aug-13 01:05:06

Anyone living or lived in HK who can advise? We are going to thailand soon via HK and are thinking of taking minimal luggage and buying clothes and shoes in HK? Is this a good idea do you think? Are clothes and shoes cheap and would we be able to get some branded wear such as teva/keen shoes? I would especially be looking for clothes for my DH whose wardrobe is pitiful and bits and pieces of summer stuff for my kids. I have loads of clothes so anything for me would be an indulgence.

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olympicvibes Sat 10-Aug-13 01:25:44

HK is clothes shopping central-you can get all types of clothes in market areas like ladies market over on Kowloon side of HK, literally streets of branded shoe shops in places like Mong Kok ( again Kowloon side) or just head for TST and take your pic of Nathan Rd etc. HK Island has shopping centres and districts galore too-designer stuff nearer to Times Square, Central area for flagship stores and more markets, and there are tons of indoor shopping centres. Shops are open til about 10pm.

I have no idea if now better but clothes sizes used to be quite limited to smaller sizes for women. Don't know about men's or children's clothes. I haven't lived there for quite a long time now but I would say it would be great way to get new wardrobe/more holiday clothes for Thailand and places like Bossini do clothes for all-below


RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Sat 10-Aug-13 06:17:54

Sorry but I disagree with Olympic. Except for the markets, most of which is just fake stuff, clothes in hk are more expensive than the uk. Most people I know here stock up on trips home or shop via the Internet.

eastendfareast Sat 10-Aug-13 06:42:29

Shopping in HK is fine if you want designer stuff at twice the price but you will find it a lot easier and cheaper to shop in the UK before your holiday. I hate shopping in Hk and go mad when I head back to the UK. It's overrated unless you have an unlimited bank balance!

OneLittleToddleTerror Sat 10-Aug-13 06:44:01

My parents lives in HK. But I tend to shop at the likes of uniqlo and h&m. I would say the UK prices are competitive if not cheaper than HK. Unless you go to the markets. The quality in the markets are awful though. You can find all the brands there if you try Nathan road or causeway bay.

Not sure about sizes. But I am size 8 (10 in topshop skinnies). And I am about average size in HK. DH is also not big, M in UK. Almost everyone looks slim in HK though.

Roobag Sat 10-Aug-13 07:07:57

I live in HK but do a big shop whenever I am in the UK or online. The shopping is great here if you want designer clothes but if you are buying Gap, Zara etc you may as well buy at home. Hope this helps.

MasterOfTheYoniverse Sun 11-Aug-13 13:49:23

What everyone said.
Shopping is great in bangkok.


MuffinTumMum Sun 11-Aug-13 14:33:16

Agree with others. There is good shopping to be had in Hk but you need to know where to go and you need time to trawl. All the main shops are far cheaper in the uk. Do yourself a massive favour and ditch the shopping, get on a junk boat and enjoy the awesome views wink
Have a fun trip!

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 12-Aug-13 00:03:31

feel a bit bad, you must think what a bunch of party poppers!
Muffin is right though. You must do a trip on a junk and if so inclined a little hike (the easy flat loop off the peak tram gives you a 360 vision of the city or one of the trails southside for the more adventurous).
Its the best way to experience the natural site and understand the history of the city as a merchant outpost/pirate's den ;-)

That said, if you were to buy 1 thing I would say go for something custom made.
Maybe a suit and shirts for DH anfd a dress or shoes for you? Bring you favorite outfits and have it replicated in 24-48h.
A lot of the tailors are hit and miss but if you search the 2 limks below you might find a good recommendation.
There is a also a great shoemaker on Li Yeun Street (its a tiny lane that runs parallel to Pottinger street in central. Everyone will know where pottinger street is.)
They have a large selection of flats, heels, sandals in all sorts of skins/colors and carry large sizes.
If you were to fly back through hong kong after 2 weeks, you'd even have time to order something custom made.

Hope that helps.

magazine is our expat bible http://thelist.com.hk

the IT girl's guide http://sassyhongkong.com

MasterOfTheYoniverse Mon 12-Aug-13 00:14:27

for the shoes its usually $350-$450 /pair
Tailor prices vary a lot, maybe someone here has a price range?

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