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Working mum moving family to NY from UK

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Nellie2477 Sun 28-Jul-13 10:21:25

I have just been offered a job in NYC based in Times Square and I am researching the areas and schools mainly in order to try to decide where it would be best for us to live. I have a 4yo DS who will be starting reception in the UK in Sept and a 19mth old DS who doesn't yet go to preschool. Hubby will be a stay at home dad. Our key thing is getting the eldest into a preschool that will kind of give him some continuity from pre-school and school here. Also want to live somewhere that has enough going on that my husband won't go crazy. Looking at Manhattan first but I'm worried that the kind of place we will be able to afford will be tiny and that in itself will drive them mad - especially in the winter! I am open to all suggestions as long as I can have a short commute to ensure I get to see the boys each day after work. My biggest questions are:
- Is it inconceivable to think we could get into a state Pre-K in Manhattan or elsewhere, or should we be budgeting for private nursery?
- If we live in the suburbs, are there likely to be other stay at home dads and things to do to keep them entertained?
- Is the cost of living much different between London and NYC?

Any and all advice very gratefully received!

Wibblypiglikesbananas Sun 28-Jul-13 16:42:54

Hello! Sounds like a great opportunity. Hopefully some of this will help:

I'm in DC so slightly different but yes, Manhattan is expensive, even by London standards. I don't know anyone here who sends their children to the state schools - sorry. The British School here is around $24000/yr, other international schools cost similar and I'd definitely be budgeting for the fees.

There are a few SAHDs here, but to be honest, not as many as we knew in London. SAHMs might be a rarity too as lots of women go back to work sooner here than in the UK and many people have nannies.

If anything, the cost of living will be higher in NYC than DC, but compared with the UK, things cost different amounts and it all just about evens out, I've found. Cars/electricals/utilities/petrol/clothing/eating out - all cheaper. Decent (healthy) food/mobile contracts/cable TV/Internet - all more expensive.

There's another thread with loads of information about moving to the US - will try and find the link.

akuabadoll Sun 28-Jul-13 19:03:18

My other half was a stay-at-home Dad in Manhattan for a year, a couple of years ago. Our son was very young at the time and we had no paid childcare or nursery. He counts it as the best year of his life, in fact we all had a ball. I worked in mid-town and we lived downtown. Yes, your home space would be small but there is so much to do out of the flat. We almost went back this year so I looked into state Pre-K, tough but not impossible. But in this regard, my observations are not tried and tested. PM me if you like.

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