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Advice on moving to Paris, centre or suburbs?

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kate789 Fri 26-Jul-13 15:37:27

I'm moving to Paris next year with my husband and son, who will be 2y 4m by that time. We are in a real quandary about where to live. Le Vesinet seems very popular judging by other threads, but my husband is keen to be closer, maybe the 15th or the bits in between (St Cloud/Bois de Boulogne)? He'll be working very close to the Eiffel Tower. I may or may not be working, so I'd like to live somewhere where there's a bit of community and I can make friends. I speak reasonable, A-level standard French, but have a fear of being stuck somewhere and no French women wanting to talk to me! Is it better to be out in Le Vesinet rather than in central Paris? We have a budget of 4300E and would like at least 4 bedrooms, to cater for visitors and a possible new arrival!

And a related question on childcare. If I get a job (or get transferred with my current company, which is possible) how do I go about arranging childcare in advance? I think that he will be slightly too young for maternelle, but what are the other options? I'm happy for him to go into the French system as it'll be a great chance for him to learn French.

And finally we are thinking of coming to do a spot of research and are looking for a holiday rental in/around Le Vesinet but can't find ANY! So if anyone knows of anything, could you let me know? Many thanks.

EspressoMonkey Fri 26-Jul-13 19:21:13

Personally i would live in Paris and avoid the burbs, they have a different feel. 16 eme arr is v.nice, but not to everyones taste but you could walk to the Eiffel Tower from Passy. Passy has a nice village feel, isn't too touristy or too expat-ty, has fab shops. Close to Bois de Boulogne for the DCs. Expect some people on here to slate 16 eme though, it has a reputation for being snooty but most people who say that have never actually lived in 16 eme. My neighbours were very lovely and i found it easy to integrate. If you DH can walk to work that is a big big plus in Paris!

BaskingTurtle Mon 29-Jul-13 23:53:43

I would stay central. I had a friend that lived in St Cloud, but I only went there once and it took forever. Anything in the west is nice, and close to your husband's work.

Get the book "Bloom Where You're Planted" and join the mothers group MESSAGE, if it's still running. (It's been a while since I lived there).

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