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***** BLOSS - help please if you're around ****

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sunnydelight Mon 05-Jun-06 19:05:46

Hi Bloss. Sorry for shouting but I haven't seen you around on any threads lately. It's all speeded up a bit here with regards our move - it looks like DH's company will sponsor him for his visa so we may not even have time to do our planned holiday before making a final decision. That's ok in some ways but the whole school thing is freaking me out. I really liked the look of St. Ives High which you mentioned previously as being ok and quite socially mixed which is what I would like. There seemed to be quite a few primary schools in the area so my questions are ... is there any one that you would recommend, and DD2's dob is 10/11/98 so what year would he be in? I plan to hold DS1 back a year if possible so that he can start in high school (dob 1/8/93) with everyone else, and I am now wondering if I should also hold back DS2. I have heard that kids coming from English schools often struggle, and DS2 is not reading yet - mainly beacuse I started him in a school which operates the European system of not teaching kids to read until they are 7. Would he be a complete freak in an Australian school? I totally understand that you are just giving your opinion, but as a teacher I would really appreciate your thoughts if you have the time. Thanks

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