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Moving Qantas airmiles to Emirates?

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ThePurpleCarrot Fri 28-Jun-13 04:47:24

DH has lots and lots of Qantas airmiles through business travel that he'd I'd like me to have wink

We've searched on the websites and can't find the answer; can he transfer them to me?

MoetEtPantsOn Fri 28-Jun-13 05:01:10

He can make a one off transfer to another qantas account. I think you can do one per year. Then you can use the qantas miles on emirates?

I don't know any more sorry. Am aware that might not help much.

abithormonal Fri 28-Jun-13 05:03:01

Sorry can't help, I think you/he are best phoning to check.

We had a shed load and there is very little chance of me getting on a qantas flight again so we redeemed them on goods. I'm just showing off about me fancy new camera really, but have a look if there's anything you fancy?

ThePurpleCarrot Fri 28-Jun-13 05:14:57

You lose an awful lot of value if you buy goods though. It's a luxury for me to use them to upgrade flights and I think that's where you get your best money's worth too - although having said that the Emirates flights never seem to have spare seats on business for upgrades <<grrrr>>>

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