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Recommendations please for preschool for 4 yr old

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Saltedcaramellavacake Tue 25-Jun-13 15:08:58

Have you considered putting your 4yo straight into the preschool of an international school? The international schools almost all have them and they are often nicely separated from the older kids (with separate playgrounds, learning spaces etc). I'm not sure why you would want to move him after less than a year?
Of your options, I loved Swallow and Amazons and my youngest will start next year. The head teacher is very warm and caring and it is play based with a great outdoor area. They also run their program all year which is great if youre working.
Odyssey is usually heavily oversubscribed.
I'm not convinced about Blue House - lots of people love it but I have a shyer child and always worried she would just be dragged along in whatever the bolder kids wanted (great to be child led but the head teacher could never explain what happened to the little ones who weren't bold enough to speak up - I guess they just end up building a shark out of paper mâché because louder kids wanted to do that).
I don't know Little Oaks or The Prep Place.
White Lodge is very popular. I didn't like it for my youngest as the room for his age group was tiny and cramped and uninspiring but for the older years it looked good.
Good luck. You can't beat visiting them - school decisions are very personal.

unobtanium Tue 25-Jun-13 10:46:03

Maybe put "Singapore" in the thread title? I usually skim title threads and jump in on cities I know (but have no idea about Singapore)

Ukmum77 Mon 24-Jun-13 20:54:23

Me and my family are moving to Sinapore from London in September and we have a 4 yr old and 20 month. Just looking for preschools for 4yr old before hopefully starting one of the international schools next year. Does anyone have any recommendations please? Think we want to live central and towards Holland Village. I have been looking at the following:

Swallows and Amazons (on first appearance looks very tempting, though not visited)

Blue House (visited it and lovely, however not entirely convinced by the child led teaching, but probably most promising in layout etc)

Little Oaks (recommended to us however having difficulty getting through to them)

Preparatory Place - just found it, along with White Lodge and Odessey.

Again, REALLY grateful for any advice as it is a minefield out there :-)

Thanks v much!

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