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Tax question: Belgium

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juneblues Thu 20-Jun-13 17:23:31

You put on your tax return the amount of money marked on your certificate, it should already show it. Just add them all up. I let the tax inspector do it for me.

I asked last week about UK bank accounts, the inspector said I simply declare I have UK bank accounts. I told her there are UK bank accounts called ISAs which are tax free, she replied that currently Belgium will not tax further an overseas bank account but you MUST declare the accounts, they will indeed go looking for undeclared accounts and fine if you've declared you have none and they find them. So that's only the tax inspector's views, they might be wrong.

frenchgrey Thu 20-Jun-13 10:18:22


Can any Belgium residents answer this tax question please.

Understand we can claim for holiday stages that DS has done and that you can claim max EUR 11.20 per day. So this means we work out number of days x EUR 11.20, and enter that total figure in the tax return?

Declaring overseas bank accounts: I have some ISAs so as they're tax free anyway, thinking just need to declare the one UK current account that might be liable to tax? As this account is probably only being taxed by the UK at 20%, is it the case that the Belgium authorities may want to take their extra cut - eg up to the 50% tax rate? Your experience / insight into how it works welcome. What do you do?


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