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Panama City!

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AdoraBell Wed 19-Jun-13 03:29:52

I was there 12 years ago, didn't like it much. Sunshine's advice will be much moré relevant but I can agree that doctors are good. Our DDs were born there and I found English speaking Drs both for myself and the babies.

I am aware that much has changed since we left so I shan't bore you with out of date stories. The humidity though is very high, you really need to be aware and don't go charging about like my OH did.

SunshineandShandy Sun 09-Jun-13 09:29:37

I didn't love it to be honest, but also I wasn't in Panama City, but we went most weekends.

If your DS is going to school, have a look at both Balboa Acadamy and Kings College. Both are international schools in a lovely green area called Clayton. Kings only opened last year and is British run with British teachers, so your DS could start there with no Spanish at all. I met the Head when we looked at it for my DD and she seemed great.

You will be able to find an English speaking nanny by asking around, but likely to be someone who just likes children and needs a job, as opposed to a 'nanny'. We had a lovely lady who my DD still talks about!

Will all school fees etc be paid? They are very expensive so make sure it's covered. And housing. Probably looking about $2000 a month for rent.

There are nice parks, but the humidity can be a killer for little ones. They don't really have activities for children, like a soft play for example, but once you meet people you can get together that way.

I would try to improve your Spanish before you go if at all possible.

There are lots of Americans living there and people from other Latino countries. Didn't meet anyone from the UK I don't think, but then again DD wasn 't in school.

Good hospitals and Dr's.

If you do get the job, PM me and I will give you some specific details of things like the English speaking hairdresser and good supermarkets etc!

Zorra Sat 08-Jun-13 21:10:23

Wow, thanks Sunshine.

Not sure really, apart from Suriname I've been living in Africa so not sure what to expect from that side of the world. I've got a 4 year old DS and newborn DD (expect she will be four months when I get there) and I'll be on my own, so will need a reliable English speaking nanny and a pre-school. My Spanish is very rusty but it's enough to navigate basic tasks, and if I get the job it'll have to improve. DS is bilingual (with another language) so hopefully he'd pick it up quite quickly.

Generally how did you find it? Would you recommend moving there, and did you find it easy to make friends?

Thanks x

SunshineandShandy Sat 08-Jun-13 12:25:39

I spent 2 yrs in Panama. Left last year. Happy to help but dashing now. Let me know any specific questions. It's an OK place to live. Helps if you speak Spanish. Traffic awful. Do you have children?

Zorra Thu 06-Jun-13 20:57:05

Panama, I didn't even know there was one in Florida!

Earlybird Thu 06-Jun-13 20:51:56

Florida or Panama?

Zorra Thu 06-Jun-13 20:50:56

Looking at a job based in Panama City. Anybody have any experience?

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