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Possibly moving to Japan - excited, but a bit worried!

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violetpie Tue 28-May-13 13:59:45

We have the option of relocating to various countries - one of these possibilities is Japan. The company that my husband would be working for is based in Tokyo - this is really exciting, but I have some worries.

Whilst looking for information regarding Japan, I stumbled across some websites discussing the increased risks of thyroid cancer and childhood leukemia following exposure to radiation via food, etc following the Fukushima distaster. This, of course, has terrified me as we have children of various ages, including a toddler. The information I have found is so confusing and contradictory, I was hoping that someone better informed than us could advise? What are the risks and how can they be minimised?

I'd also really appreciate any insight into life in and around Tokyo, we don't really know anything about standards of living (what is a 'reasonable' salary?), housing, schools, etc.

A move to Japan would certainly be the most drastic in terms of culture, distance from family, etc but it could be amazing. Any tips, information or advice is most welcome! smile

Cerisier Wed 29-May-13 04:23:08

Another risk is earthquakes, plus you will have the language barrier to contend with.

mirai Wed 29-May-13 04:32:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mirai Wed 29-May-13 04:37:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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