I know you're all bored with me, but Frederick, Maryland it is.......

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HerRoyalNotness Thu 23-May-13 16:20:52


I've started threads for New Delhi, Reading, London, didn't bother with Santiago, but now it looks like, maybe, possibly, definitely, we'll be heading to Frederick. <sigh>

Is anyone in the general area? Looking for info on areas to avoid, maybe school suggestions. What is great in the area? (we are excited at least to be able to visit Washington and the Smithsonian)

Also any hints about house buying in the US would be appreciated. What are the pitfalls? Expenses to bear in mind? Do they have a stamp duty? I know estate agent fees are quite high in comparison to the UK. Have you been able as an expat to buy easily there? We have 5years of credit rating in Canada, not sure if they'd take that into account, and a 20% deposit of price range we're looking at (less than 400k).

And do you actually enjoy it there? Have you settled well into the community, or are you regaraded as an outsider?

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