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Can anyone help with my brussels school dilemma?

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dotty35 Wed 22-May-13 13:59:23


We are moving as a family to woluwe in brussels for just 6 months (oct 13-end mar14). We will be living roughly equal distances from Roots and Wings preschool and Montessori House Brussels- both have said they could fit my daughter in. I know the bus journey to roots and wings will be easy and there is also an option of driving as there is a car park. I think the bus journey to MHB by bus is fine but not sure about driving.

I will have a baby about a month old, a 2 year old and the 4 year old ( going to school). I plan to do bct groups with baby and 2 year old.

I am conscious that my 4 year old will return to Reception for just the summer term and I don't want her to be too far behind her peers in terms of literacy and maths, though at the same time I want her to have a nice time, be happy and cope with the changes of new sibling, new country, new friends etc.

If you have experience of either school could you message me to share your thoughts? Thanks x

marchmad Wed 22-May-13 14:19:06

The cheapest????

How about thinking about what you'll do after school. Montgomery is busy busy, as you're not going to have a residents' permit for WSP (unless you register as residents which technically you have to be in reality you could be naughty and not do, in order to avoid having the hassle of the tax return you'll inevitably receive), it's pay parking outside MH Brussels, whereas it's free parking without a residents' parking permit near Roots and Wings, especially if you're allowed to drive into the park that's even better. So you're not going to be hanging around MH Brussels, whereas you could remain behind in the park at Roots and Wings.

Roots and Wings is also nearer to Imagine, you could take the tram to Imagine straight after drop-off from both schools, but Roots and Wings is less travel time, it is also in the right direction for Imagine, whereas MH Brussels is going the wrong direction. For local groups, it won't matter so much.

How about Roots and Wings is not far from Woluwe shopping or Cook and Book or on the way to the sports centre Sportcity?

From a care point of view, I don't think you're going to find much difference. Both are tiny schools, all the children are from well off backgrounds and parents are far more likely to be demanding with their requests so both schools are going to be used to catering to individual needs.

I don't think there are any mumsnetters who have their children at either school. You might find some parents of children on the "Life in Belgium" FB group. I know an ex-parent of MH Brussels - children have graduated to primary and I know someone on FB who did or does have their child at Roots and Wings. You could ask the school to provide the emails of current parents.

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