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Ingelheim or thereabouts?

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petitemom Tue 14-May-13 20:57:30

Hi Germany experts, a possibility for relocating to Ingelheim has come up for us. I've only started researching -- we've previously lived in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.

I know this is a very subjective question and it depends a lot on spending style, but would you say a salary of €90k per year is enough for two adults and a five-year-old, assuming:

- Renting a two-bed house or apartment (how best to find one [is there a Rightmove counterpart in Germany], should we also look in Mainz? furnished or unfurnished pros and cons? we'd like to have a garden -- we currently have one with our four-bed detached -- is this unrealistic?)
- Private school (recommendations on any? is there an international school nearby? what additional expenses could be involved?)
- One overseas holiday a year -- Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, etc.
- Eating out once a month
- One car

We tend not to shop a lot for clothes, shoes and the like but do spend a bit more on groceries/food.

Sorry a few questions rolled into one... Any thoughts much appreciated!

wetsand Tue 14-May-13 21:47:56

Not sure about schools, but rent is relatively cheap in Ingelheim compared to other parts of Germany. Try the surrounding villages, Appenheim is very pretty!

wetsand Tue 14-May-13 21:58:38

Try this

outnumberedbymen Wed 15-May-13 22:18:49

Hi petite am I correct in thinking that Ingelheim is in the Rheinland Pfalz region of Germany?

I'm not far away, we have three dcs (6,4,2) and a dog, are renting a 4.5 bed detached with garden in a lovely area. Dh earns less than €90k, and his income is considered quite high. I hope that answers your question re cost etc.

Wrt to your dc: any particular reason you would want him/ her at an international school rather than the local German one? Also, in Germany children int actually start school until they are 6, so he may start off at preschool. Preschool is free in Rheinland Pfalz btw. Meaning I don't have any childcare costs at all. When will he turn 6? How long would you plan on staying?

petitemom Thu 16-May-13 22:43:12

Hi wetsand, thanks for the tips and link -- looks really useful!

Outnumbered, I think so, it's called Ingelheim am Rhein? That's reassuring about the cost of living.

That's really good to know about kids starting school at 6. Do you know if preschool is available as DH and I might both work FT?

I've been reading threads on German schools and this one in particular made me think DS would do better in an international or private school:

He's bright, friendly (once warmed up) and quick to learn but is on the shy side -- clams up under pressure -- and needs a lot of time and individual attention to bring him out of his shell. He's been going to nursery FT since 9 months and this is a consistent observation. He turns 6 in September 2014.

Not sure how long we'd be staying -- maybe through to secondary; eventually hoping DS will get into a university here in the UK. Thanks for the info!

outnumberedbymen Fri 17-May-13 06:40:33

Morning! I'll try to come back later re preschools.

Re schools, pop onto the living in Germany thread and ask for opinions/ advice there. The ones that have school aged children all have them at German state school I believe. In general I'd say if you are not just planning to come over for a year or two, I think sending him to a local German one would be better. And moving now seems ideal as he'll have at least one year to settle in, learn language and for you to find out about primary school. Theoretically, your ds being born in September, you could even wait another year for him to start school. Again, there is one mum on the other thread who has just opted to do that.

Have to run now smile

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